23th. FEB.Writing and speaking practice


  1. 应知应会 prepare 1 h
  2. speaking task  for one hour 4:30-5:10


bull shit. Went over.


part 2

describe a house,apartment that someone you know lives in.

you should say:

whose house,apartment this is?

where the house,apartment is?

what it looks like inside?

and explain what you like or dislike about this person’s house/apartment.

me:I have went to a house of my boyfriend’s colleague. It’s a very nice one. And it is near to my university, the new campus in Jinnan 区. In that time, the colleague and his wife invited my boyfriend and me to eat a hotspot. When we came into the house. What  Just shown on your face, is very comfortable and clean.  The space are 宽敞的, and the sofa is comfortable. Made you just want to sate in there and have a relaxation time. It still have a small 阁楼. They put some favourate book and gym equipment in there. Also the kitchen is well facilitated. That time we have a nice eating time. And what I most like in this house is it comfortable atmosphere. You just need to relax and no more things to consider about. If I have my our home, I will 装修by myself. And put some gym equipments and my favourate books in some place. And 营造 a family atmosphere.

2.23 修改版:one time, I visited an apartment of my boyfriend’s colleague. it’s a very nice one. And it’s near to the TJU university, the new campus in Jinnan District. in that time, my boyfriend and I were invited to their apartment to have a dinner-hotpot. when we came into the apartment. What is shown in my face is very comfortable and tidy(clean/tidy/ neat). It has an L-Shaped sectional sofa and a trunk as a coffee table beside a wall. And also It has a well equipped kitchen which  is convenient for cooking. you can do any kind of food, just like hotpot, kebab or steak. They are living in the building top and owned an attic. They put a lot of favourate books and fitness equipment in there. If I have my own apartment, i’ll also place some fitness equipment for health. In that time, we have a nice dinner. And what most attract me is the comfortable atmosphere. This is a place of relax and unwind, and you will forget everything about your work. That’s why I want to live in this kind of apartment.



例:1.Listen to me,Dad.
2.Peter is sitting behind me.
3.Let me go there now.
4.Give me an orange, please.
如:You and I are going to school.
You are going to school with me.
I am Chinese.我是中国人.
①I don’t know her.我不认识她.(动词宾语)
②What’s wrong with it?它怎么了?(介词宾语)
③-Open the door, please. It’s me.请开门,是我.(表语)
即:you and I; he/she/it and I;you,he/she/it and I
即:we and you;you and they; we,you and they

地址书写:Chuan Guang Lou , Jinnan District, Tianjin City


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