28th FEB. work tasks


  1. email  Austin —-done 12:50-13:39
  2. review words
  3. zaixuezhengming—-done
  4. topic
  5. arrangement tomorrow tasks;

Academic English communication

negotiation  Yes-No-Yes; interviewer面试官/interviewee被面试者;


  • under stress fall back on training/processes
  • product results.
  • always have time.


  • may work hard;
  • but never have enough time;
  • under stress abandon training.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a Chief Technical Officer (CTO);Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

AEC: epidemic; treat sb/ treatment治疗; commitment约定于effort; cure是治愈,已经好了。turn off communication devices; the sound of system 录音系统;record录像;number/figures 数字;statistics统计数据;opening remarks开幕词;anniversary; political commitment政治方面的努力;achievements荣誉成就;senior fellow干事;work place/organization单位;step down退下来;paraphrase; lose temper; hostile; decline; live webcast网络直播;offline; reassure sb  vt.; anime;

Speaking test tips for tomorrow:

Speaking test advice

Ten don’ts for the IELTS speaking test

Don’t say nothing:  ‘I don’t have much knowledge of this subject, but I think…’ or ‘I’m not really sure, but if I had to say….’, and attempt an answer.




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