9th. March two tasks


  1. final project
  2. one,R or one, L

Review some words

syntax. Ultimate, pavilions, boundary science,bored, supernatural,orthodox, empirical. Justifications, spectrum, reception,transmission, mission, wiretap,.

Cub,cup,cab,cap. Pill, bill. Cosmetics-substances that you use on your skin to make yourself look more attractive.

10-test1-R1 未完成的半篇

comprise; afar adv.; irrigation;  utilitarian n.adj. vs ultimate n.adj.;  heyday n.; leisure n. adj.;  worship n.v.; dot+ted; comprise; descend v. eg: when the water level was high, the user needed only to descend a few steps to reach it; when it was low, several levels would have to be negotiated.;

aquifer;   recede v.;  crater n. v.;  pave; tier 无重音; elaborate v.adj. vs evaporate v.;  via prep.n.;  storey; pillars; relentless heat; intricate adj.; embellish v. vs decorate; comb their hair or churn butter;

fall into;  derelict adj. n.;  divert;  water table; spell n. v.;  undergone; restoration;  restore;  It became silted up following a flood during the 13th century; archaeological; pristine; feature n.v.; niche; monument;

temple; resemble  v. vs assemble v.; hallmarks;  stun n.v.;  shrine;  house n.v.;  renown n.v.  eg: the ancient city is renowned for its architecture;  commission n.v. in/out of commission可/不可使用; ruined town;  aesthetically;

dramatic adj. giant;  comprise; striking; from afar; neglect n.v.;  medieval;  flock to eg: tourists flock to wells;  gaze;  marvels n.v.;  ingenuity and artistry;  alter; during the course(过程) of a year/ in course of sth/ during the course of sth/in the course of time;






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