transition/cohesive devices list

and vice versa/ˌvaɪs ˈvɜː.sə/ . 反之亦然;

eg: We gossip about them and vice versa.我们议论他们,他们也议论我们.Acids neutralize alkalis and vice versa.酸能使碱中和,碱亦能使酸中和.

Likewise同样地; unfortunately; occasionally;

to date/so far; nowadays; at the same time;  Undoubtedly; After all; Simultaneously; evidently;

表我认为:in my opinion/ in my point of view, as far as i’m concerned. I think;



表转折contrast:Nevertheless; however;  although; but; rather; while; in contrast,…/ by contrast,…/ sth in contrast to sth.; conversely; whereas; on the other hand;

表逻辑顺序:first of all;  secondly; finally; overall; subsequently;

表原因:due to; because; since; from; because of;

表结果:so; therefore; thus; thereby;  hence; as a result,…; consequently; accordingly;

eg: Nevertheless, I still cannot be enrolled in the camp that claims it is wise to construct railway rather than roads.

Undoubtedly, the railway construction, in a way, can be deemed as a win-win program for both the country and its citizens. After all, compared with other types of transportation, the transporting load of railage in a unit time is the largest and it is also the fastest approach of conveyance on land. Simultaneously, due to its strikingly strong operating system in running, it can scarcely entail any congestion. Evidently, it is advantageous to implement the plan referred to railway establishment.

Rather, 相反,反而whether it is the rail or the road, the erection is in requirement of many other comprehensive elements, for example the scale of city development, the extent of population mobility, the condition of geographical surroundings and so on/forth. For those world-famous metropolis, like New York or Shanghai, both railroad and traffic-way are key in the city function. For one thing, 一方面major cities need to receive populations nationwide and even worldwide; thereby, sufficient convenience must be provided by perfect train system. Meanwhile, residents living in such a big city are supposed to be ensure with a relatively pleasant road-travel condition. However, for those middle-sized cities or towns, situations should differ according to different complex consideration. With the help of proper geography and adequate budgets, building railway should not be a malfeasance. Instead, it tends to introduce numerous opportunities for further development. Unfortunately, it seems not make sense for cities of limited scale to set up extensive railway, where, there are neither too much immigrating population nor too large population density after all.


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