19th March


  1. half reading  2 hours


culprit~crime;  escalate; chill;


G段:solely;  accompany by; complete VS complement-complementary;  curb; loading ratio of goods vehicles VS occupancy rates of passenger vehicles,  occupancy, ratio VS rate;  revitalise-revitalization; sustainable; take up the baton成为主流;  the(a) lack of 作名词/ lack sth作动词;

H段:The second approach also concentrates on road transport pricing but is accompanied by measures to increase the efficiency of the other modes;  accompany by; logistics; investment-invest; infrastructure; cohesion凝聚力;  uncoupling; saturated arteries饱和的干线-saturate v.adj. artery干线,动脉; the lions share (of sth) 最大(或最好)的一份; shift n.v.;

I段:This method comprises a series of measures ranging from pricing to revitalising alternative modes of transport;  targeting investment定向投资; integrated approach; make a shift of balance转向平衡状态; bear in mind,常做状语,bearing in mind sth/that, 主语。

Bear in mind 
Bearing in mind what you said. 牢记你所说的

marked break;  ambitious adj.2; mobility-mobile; restriction;

List of headings 的易错处:headings的意思首先注意短语结构切分清晰,然后找到主语,看看在该段是否出现。应用边做边选边排除法。

prohibitively expensive价格高的离谱;predict~forecast, predict sth/ predict doing sth,没有predict to do sth;


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