22nd March


  1. English everyday for 2 hours
  2. Research everyday for 2 hours

Today’s new word

Viable. how do you end up with your university, 以什么结束.

But then they end up with self-contained, monolithic systems on which those business processes have to run.

Transition phrases/words

  1. by the way,too casual; honestly speaking;
  2. speaking of which,正好说到这,说的话题和之前讲的相关,介于formal和informal之间,可以用于口语和书面,但不用于letter,更加口语;      For example: A: We are running tight on time. B: Speaking of which, let’s get our meeting started.
  3. Since we are on that/the subject. since you brought that up:既然你提到了这个。more formal。
  4. with that (said), 用法when you’re giving a speech, if you’d like to introduce the next segment or next speaker or when you’re wrapping things up.       For example: With that, let’s welcome Adam to the stage.
  5. on that note, 结尾的时候用。on that note, let’s wrap up today’s show.
  6. in terms of 说到(经常用于工作中,谈工资,谈合同的时候常用),in terms of salary and benefits, what would you be comfortable with?
  7. when it comes to(经常涉及到技能,知识) + food, Diana is the most knowledgeable one. He is a good date, but when it comes to marriage, he is just not the one.
  8. that said/ that being said(更委婉,更正式)  不过,但是: I love his movies. that said, I didn’t really like the newest one.

IELTS 11-test2-R3

E段和G段review:deceptively simple; meticulously composed; radically changes the way we view it.; intricate/intricacy; fractals;  motifs; belief信念,信仰;

H段:’intrigue n.v./in’triguing adj.; intrigue sb使某人感兴趣。The royal palace was full of intrigue. Fairy tales can intrigue most children. mirror neurons 反射神经元; neuro-前缀,神经; mimic n.v.adj.; hypothesis;   longevity n.; shape v.3   give shape to sth表达观点;  linger;

I段:taste 熟词僻义,体验 a short experience of sth.    these studies probably only a taste of what is to come;  appreciation;  underestimate-estimate; decode;

Some research

text visualization: Text mining: Text mining tries to find statistical patterns through analyzing of a corpus which contains a huge amount of texts that is readable to machines.

Text visualization is one of the most important tools for text mining due to its readability to both human and machines.







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