24th March:10-test1-L1

plan :

  1. english
  2. paper



could you send me a brosha? ardleigh;

where you heard about our tours?  from a friend or did you see ever somewhere?

2. newspaper 错误,写成了复数形式newspapers

原文:I read it about in a newspaper. 量词未听出。

newspaper是可数名词还是不可数名词? 请看这道题:

When I came in, my father was reading __________ in bed.

A. a newspaper                                             B. a piece of newspaper        

C. newspaper                                                D. a pile of newspaper

此题应选 A。容易误选BC。因为构成newspapernews(消息)paper()都是不可数名词,所以不少考生受此影响误认为newspaper(报纸)也是不可数名词。其实,newspaper表示供阅读的一张一张的“报纸”,是规则的可数名词。如:

Give me some newspapers to read. 给我几张报纸读。

When I entered he was reading a newspaper. 我进来时他在读报纸。

但是若不是将 newspaper当作是供阅读或传递信息的一种东西,而是把它仅仅当成一种“纸”来看待,则也可以是不可数名词。如:

Wrap it in (a sheet of) newspaper. 把它用 (一张)报纸包起来。


He was moved to tears. 他被感动得流了泪。

When I told her the unpleasant news, I saw two great tears coming down her face. 当我告诉她这个令人不愉快的消息时,我看见两颗大泪珠从她的脸上掉了下来。

 i’ll get the brech of post on you. and I want to hire a car. Okay, we have a couple of self-drive tours that visiting different areas。

WR-11 test2

incinerate; 提高公民的意识;cultivate students’ sense of responsibility;

操作系统作业, 临节课时交,作业评分。


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