27th March: ielts11-test3-R1


luxurious adj.:very comfortable, with high-quality expensive furnishing or fabrics, luxury n.adj.; refurbish;

furnish v.1~supply/provide, sb/sth with sth;  v.2  to put furniture in a house/home, etc.  fabric;

A段: cocoons-soft protective shells;  `mulberry;  silkworms; Yellow `Emperor/Yan Emperor; ruler n.2 of China in about 3000 BC;  one account of the story goes that…

Rumour传闻,谣传~Legend传说 has it that…/it rumours that…/Rumour has it that…             eg: Legend has it that it was Lei Tzu who discovered silkworms.

take a walk;  have a rest; a number of / numbers of  若干、许多; She was sipping some tea; take a sip of coffee; land in/land on ~ fall into ; ravel n.v.- unravel into a fine thread线;  wind v. wind this thread around her fingers. subsequently;  rear v.n.adj. silkworms. front VS rear;

rear: 1[sing]后部the back part of sth
A trailer was attached to the rear of the truck.卡车后面挂了一辆拖车。
There are toilets at both front and rear of the plane.飞机前后舱都有洗手间。
A high gate blocks the only entrance to the rear .一座高大的门挡住了通往后面的唯一入口。
2[c][ususing]屁股;臀部the part of the body that you sit on
a kick in the rear踢了一下屁股
IDM: bring up the rear站在队尾;落在最后;殿后to be at the back of a line of people, or last in a race
adj.    1[obn]后面的;后部的at or near the back of sth
 front and rear windows前面和后面的窗户      the rear entrance of the building大楼的后门
v.   1[t][oftpass]~ sb/sth抚养;养育;培养to care for young children or animals until they are fully grown
She reared a family of five on her own.她一个人养活五个孩子。
2[t]~ sth饲养to breed or keep animals or birds, for example on a farm 
to rear cattle养牛
3[i]~ (up)用后腿直立to raise itself on its back legs, with the front legs in the air
 The horse reared, throwing its rider.这匹马后腿直立,将骑手摔下。
4[i]~ (up)(尤指可怖地)巍然耸立to seem to lean over you, especially in a threatening way
The great bulk of the building reared up against the night sky.夜幕下,巨大的高楼显得阴森森的。
 in about 3000 BC/ in about 55 minutes

land in:指到达某个地方,eg:We expect to be landing in Oslo in about fifty minutes.land on 降落,也指到达某个地方,但它就含有在什么上面的意思,如 In 1969,the first men landed on the moon.其后接In或on 需视情况而定.关于land in:land somebody in trouble/hospital/court etc可指使某人陷入困境.land on 也可指某种麻烦的突然发生,如Just when I thought my problems were over,this letter landed on my desk.具体是In 或On得视情况而定

grove n., a grove of 一片mulberry trees VS glove n.v.; devise v. VS devices n.; devise a special reel n.v.; fibre+s VS fabric;  be wove into fabric, weave n.v.-wove-woven; `cultivate-cultivation; mi`llennium-millennia;

eg: School should cultivate students’ sense of responsibility.

在出题时,常常使用替换v.adj.近义词的方式。1. land in ~ fall into; 2. devise~invent;

B段:farming n.adj. v.的现代分词; sole n.adj.,solely; Silk quickly grew into a symbol of status地位的象征; royal n.adj., royalty pl n.; entitle v.2; relax~ sth放宽(限制等)to allow rules, laws, etc. to become less strict; peasants, the lowest caste; Qing Dynasty; a unit of currency, a unit of sth一个单位;  government officials;  tax, toxic; grain n.v. and silk; diplomatic gifts/ diplomatic congress. diploma; fishing lines/bowstrings; indicate-indication~remark/sign; 

eg: Only royalty were entitled to have clothes made of silk; The rules were gradually relaxed over the years; The earliest indication of silk paper being used was discovered in the tomb of a noble;

C段: exotic n.adj.; lucrative trade route-the Silk Road; westward, eastward, northward, southward, forward, backward;  gold,silver-precious metals; name someone after ; commodity; stretch over 6000 kilometres,覆盖地域over area[i]+ adv./prep.延伸;绵延to spread over an area of land; Pamir mountain; merchant (人)n.adj.-`merchandise (商品)n.adj.; ship n.v. sth; middlemen 中间商; 

eg: It was named the Silk Road after its most precious commodity. Fields and hills stretched out as far as we could see.放眼望去,田野山丘绵延不绝。
D段: Byzantine empire; empire-emperor; monks; smuggle v. sb/sth; conceal~hide v.; hollow n. v.adj.3 bamboo, a hollow sound means a low sound/ not sincere; concealed inside hollow bamboo walking canes; imperial monopoly n. , imperial adj. imperial nations/ Palace; conquer;  magnificent monument; magnificent VS mag`netic- `magnet-`magne`tism;  an esteemed reputation; esteem v.2 n. She esteemed that she knew what life was. It would be a great pleasure dealing with your esteemed company.
E段:industrialisation工业化;  downfall n.2; nylon; stockings and parachutes;  stifle sth v.;  the Second World War; raw material;  recapture;  yarn n.2 v. VS yard; metric tons; ton(US:907 kg, UK:1016 kg) VS tonne(1000 kg); metric system;
eg: Act quickly, and we might be able to stifle the disease in its earliest stages.
题型解析:12.The Byzantines spread the practice of silk production across the west.
practice: action/ a way of doing sth.
此处,指丝绸生产的做法。No, imperial monopoly;
13. Silk yarn makes up the majority of silk currently exported from China.

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