28th March: Huawei +academic writing


  1. huawei contest
  2. chinavis topic
  3. introduction for CV

huawei contest


introduction for CV

review Academic writing


  1. passive voice 少用,
  2. mid-position adv
  3. no direct question
  4. no negative form
  5. 尽量少用there be 句型
  6. not too wordy
  7. avoid vague information; (like ‘and so on’, ‘so forth’, ‘etc’,可以用上意词进行概括,然后用such as).
  8. we OK
  9. no contractions
  10. No you

in addition to/ besides; so far/ to date(academic);

eg: To date, no comprehensive study shown that…


contractions (isn’t) VS abbreviation; passive voice VS active voice; doer;  fatal diseases;

信息展开方式content bridge

  1. old-to-new information flow;
  2. linking words and phrases;

Addition:  furthermore/in addition/ moreover;

Contrast:  while/ whereas/ in contrast/ however/ on the other hand(not formal)/ conversely;

  1. “this” and summary phrases

writing style: APA/MLA/IEEE/ Chicago Style

academic presentation: audience-purpose-organization-style-flow-presentation;



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