6th June: long time no see, I’m back.

personal statement: since two weeks off, now I’m back. the work of learning English will go on and never stop.


a fixed deposit; time deposit定期存款。 current deposit活期存款

misery; last but most important; follow your instincts; use your screen to stoke your negative emotions; procrastinate;


  • set SMART goals: specific; measurable; actionable; responsible; time-bounded;
  • set VAPID goals: vague; amorphous; Pie in the sky天上掉馅饼;空头支票; Irrelevant; Delayed;

vapid adjective UK ​ /ˈvæp.ɪd/ US ​ /ˈvæp.ɪd/ formal 愚蠢的;无生气的;单调的;乏味的
showing no intelligence or imagination
a vapid reality TV show 枯燥乏味的电视节目
He’s attractive, but vapid.

stoke VS stroke;

stroke   noun UK ​ /strəʊk/ US ​ /stroʊk/
stroke noun (ILLNESS) 中风
B2 [ C ] a sudden change in the blood supply to a part of the brain, sometimes causing a loss of the ability to move particular parts of the body
She suffered/had a stroke that left her unable to speak.她中风了,不能开口说话。          He’s been fairly poorly since having a stroke in January.
stroke noun (MARK) (书写或绘画的)一笔,一画;笔画
C2 [ C ] (a line or mark made by) a movement of a pen or pencil when writing or a brush when painting
a brush stroke毛笔的笔触
With a few bold strokes, she signed her name.她粗粗几笔签下了名字。

[ C ] uk used in spoken English to mean an oblique or slash symbol(用于口语中)斜杠,斜线
stroke noun (HIT) 击球

[ C ] an act of hitting a ball when playing a sport
She returned the volley with a powerful stroke to win the game.她奋力将凌空球击回,赢得了比赛的胜利。
[ C ] old-fashioned an act of hitting someone with a weapon(使用武器的)击,打
The punishment was 20 strokes of the lash.惩罚是抽20下鞭子。
stroke noun (SWIMMING) 泳姿;(游泳的)划水动作
C1 [ C ] (a particular movement that is usually repeated in) a method of swimming
What’s your best stroke when you’re swimming?你最擅长的泳姿是哪种?
backstroke 仰泳
breaststroke 蛙泳
sidestroke 侧泳
stroke noun (EVENT)

a stroke of luck, genius, etc. 幸运/高明的举动等
C2 something that happens or succeeds suddenly because of luck, intelligence, etc.
By a stroke of luck, someone else was walking along the trail and heard my shouts for help.幸运的是,刚好有人从小路上经过,听到了我的呼救。

stroke noun (WORK)
[ S ] uk informal a small amount of work一点儿工作
She’s been gossiping and hasn’t done a stroke (of work) all morning.
stroke noun (ACTION)
[ C ] a quick, forceful action果断之举
Ending negotiations was seen as a bold stroke by many commentators.终止谈判被很多评论者视为大胆果断之举。
By computerizing we could, at a (single)/in one stroke, improve efficiency and reduce costs.计算机化能够使我们一下子既提高效率,又降低成本。
stroke noun (CLOCK SOUND)
[ C ] one of the sounds that some clocks make at particular times, especially by ringing a bell once for each number of the hour钟声,钟鸣;(尤指)整点报时声
How many strokes did you count?你听见钟敲了几下?
stroke noun (TOUCH)
[ C ] mainly uk an act of moving your hand, another part of the body, or an object gently over something or someone, usually repeatedly and for pleasure轻抚,抚摸
Don’t be frightened, just give the horse a stroke.别怕,你去摸一摸那匹马。

stroke  verb [ T ] UK ​ /strəʊk/ US ​ /stroʊk/
stroke verb [ T ] (TOUCH)
B2 to move a hand, another part of the body, or an object gently over something or someone, usually repeatedly and for pleasure轻抚,抚摸
Stroke the dog if you want, he won’t bite.想摸这条狗就摸,它不会咬人的。
She lovingly stroked Chris’s face with the tips of her fingers.她深情地用指尖抚摸着克里斯的脸庞。

stroke verb [ T ] (HIT)
uk to hit a ball 击球
The batsman stroked the ball effortlessly to the boundary.击球手毫不费力地将球击到边线上。



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