26th July: speaking words for part 1

practically ~ most; way ~ far; ‘decent; over my head ~ is hard to understand~figure out; corny ~ old and uninteresting; a gamer/ vid-kid; snazzy clothes~gorgeous and pricey; outfit~clothes (一件)服装; is totally gross; the daily grind;  is a drag~is boring; lousy~bad; feel under the weather. release pressure; freaked out; buff/nut/freak/mania;

This movie is way better than the director’s last movie.

Example sentences: Practically eveyone likes coffee.      I just want a decent job without getting myself overworked.     The professor’s lecture is way over my head.         That joke is corny.           Superstars tend to wear snazzy clothes.     I’m sick and tired of the daily grind and just want to get away from it all.     It’s a lousy movie.        When I feel under the weather, I just take some rest.

inexpensive; inconvenient; stuffy air; is de’teriorating; is improving; frustrate v ~ ab adj.;  inspire v; encourage v; restrict; economical; extravagant adj.; messy; gross; spacious; cramped;  constantly ~ always; for ages; essential; cluttered; high-rise buildings; feel afraid ~ get cold feet; make my blood boil; moving~touching; delighted; don’t even have a clue about it~ don’t know anything about it; have mixed feelings about it; it’s not my cup of tea; individuals/folks; humorous; well-mannered; kind/considerate adj./thoughtful;  trash~bad products; economize v~save money; sit in the sun~ catch some rays; make waves~ make trouble; preserve resources/ old buildings/ wild animals; leisure; tough; have a blast~enjoy oneself;

individual VS identical;

marvelous/amazing/awesome; refreshed/refreshing; antique furniture Un; exquisite tastes 高雅的品位; hazardous~dangerous; time-consuming; poisonous/toxic; ‘medi’ocre ~ ordinary;   bogus~fake; hideous~ugly; ob’noxious ~extremely ugly; humdrum~boring; commonplace adj. ~very common; posh-lousy; competition; the pace of life; prefer to do sth-preference; pastime; artworks; for the enjoyment and pleasure; gives me loads of encouragement; Chinese cuisine; companionship; family bonds;  status symbols;  employment opportunities;  rules and regulations;  the daily grind~ the boring things that you have to do everyday. the hustle and bustle;  tourist attractions;

Example sentences: After a good night’s sleep, I feel refreshed.         The only piece/item of furniture he has in his bedroom is a bed.           In big cities of China, everyone has a indifferent face and fast pace that when you just rest for a while, you’ll fall behind. Rather than in Paris, the pace of life is slow, loads of individuals will exercise everyday. and thay have a high quality of life that once you visit Paris you just want to live in there.             most folks keep pets for companionship or security.         Sharing meals together can really make family bonds stronger.          Life is hard, and we need to find our own worth and potential to overcome future challenges.          Whatching kids grow gives their parents a sense of satisfaction/fulfillment.         Traffic congestion can be really disturbing.                   I’m sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities.






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