28th July:11-test3-W2 走了一步中的半步!

erase-erasers; today’s society 当今社会; erase all its borders and soon will become limitless in what concerns XX;  erase the borders of sth; learn a foreign/new language; in a foreign country/in other countries; seems to become…; for the purpose of; pursue happiness/ the sense of satisfaction/fulfillment; adults in need of money; far away from home; employer/employees; multi-skilled; mother tongue; prone adj. to worrying/depression 易于遭受… be prone to sth/do sth 作后缀, accident-prone
injury-prone; omit-omitted; tongue/language; physical needs/ moral needs; emphasize sth/ put or place emphasis on sth.

1. Some schools emphasize physical education.
2. Some schools put/place emphasis on physical education.

Never before had a panda been so feared,and so loved. 此句为倒装句A panda had never been so feared and so loved before. 其中,never (before)有冗余, before可以去掉。

连接词: to my mind; needless to say; sooner or later; Therefore;

Example sentences: Many may say, and I agree, that today’s society has almost erased all its boarders and soon will become limitless in what concerns travelling for both work and pleasure.                            Therefore, if this was to happen, then learning a new language is necessary.              Moral education  should emphasize stimulating moral needs.

require, request 和demand都作“要求”解,有什么区别?

weirdo n.;


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