28 August: listening 10-t2

L1: Transport survey

form: name–spelling; address–number; postcode–number; occupation职业职业receptionist接待员, typist, programmer, office girl 女记事员, public ‘servants, national public servant/local public servant, illustrator, saleswoman 女店员, pilot驾驶员, delivery boy送报员, secretary, policeman, journalist记者, editor, interpreter通译者, director, talent星探, actor, actress, photographer, scholar, translator, novelist, playwright,  linguist, botanist, economist, chemist, scientist, philosopher, politician, physicist, astropologist, archaeologist, geologist, ‘mathema’tician,  artists,painter, musician, composer作曲家, singer, sculptor, dressmaker, cutter, tailor, beautician, model, merchant, baker, dentist, doctor, nurse;

on behalf of代表 the local council 地方议会; hairdresser; 理发师,美发师  I’m going to change my hairdresser; see the dentist; facilities and arrangements in the city for getting to and from work; do a later shift; shift: [C] 轮班职工;班;轮班 As the night shift leave/leaves, the day shift arrive/arrives. [VI or VT](尤指略微地)移动;改变;转移 She shifted (her weight) uneasily from one foot to the other. [VT] 换(挡)  In cars that are automatics, you don’t have to bother with shifting gears. I think it’s a real shame they’ve cutting down on the number of footpaths; shame. 遗憾/惭愧,羞愧;

a drive; drive [C]:  有计划的努力;运动 The latest promotional material is all part of a recruitment drive. 路,大道 12 Maple Drive(住宅通往大路的)私人车道 I parked in the drive. cycle n.v. uphill adj.上坡的;漫长而艰难的 adv.向山上;朝上坡方向 n.向上的斜坡; a shower [C] ; if that was the case 如果是这种情况; Maybe people think I was out of my mind. If that was the case, you would make a mistake. I mean it. I really dreamt all that last night. 或许有人认为我疯了。如果真是这样,是错误的。我是认真的,我真的在昨晚梦见了这一切。

L2: New city development

the public; extensive大量的 ‘consultation咨询,商讨 exercise; conduct; open-air swimming pool; judged to be unsafe; seafront 海滨; We were very happy to secure the talents of internationally renowned architect;

secure v. 获得,设法得到/ 保护 He was disappointed by his failure to secure the top job with the bank.  with up-to-the-minute features such as a recycling system; water treatment;  enable seawater to be used in the pool; charming;

in the local press; local newspaper VS local press; press VS price;  attract visitors; deceptive adj.  欺骗性的;误导的;骗人的—-deception n. 骗局,欺骗; rigorous checks about capacity; rigorous adj. 谨慎的;细致的;彻底的;  capacity~~size;  well within budget; we’re on schedule for a June 15th opening date;   a testimony to the excellent work; ‘testimony, (尤指法庭上的)证词,证言Some doubts have been expressed about his testimony;  contract [C or VI or VT]—-con’tractors 承包人;承包商;承包方;订约人;

schedule[C]UK ​ /ˈʃedʒ.uːl/ US ​ /ˈskedʒ.uːl/: 计划表;日程安排表 a production schedule生产进度表 a hectic/tight schedule 忙乱的/紧张忙碌的日程安排 Everything went according to schedule (= as had been planned). schedule/timetable(UK) : 时刻表 a bus schedule     The class schedule课程表 is available on the website.  ahead of schedule 提前; We expect the building work to be completed ahead of schedule. on schedule 按时;  fall behind schedule;

contract [C]. /ˈkɒn.trækt/ 合同,契约a contract of employment雇用合同a temporary/building contract 临时/建筑合同 [VI or VT] /kənˈtrækt/ (使)收缩;(使)缩小;(使)缩短 In spoken English, “do not” often contracts to “don’t”.

award-winning actress; historical figure; sculpture~~statue; historical novels;

announce sth; based on the concept of the Global Village地球村; a representative feature, represent v. link.—-representative n. adj. ; rides and equipment in the shapes of snakes, orang-utans猩猩, tigers and so on; fauna; Antarctic; an ice rink溜冰场;  opt [VI] 选择;挑选; Mike opted for early retirement. Most people opt to have the operation. opt vi. VS apt adj. 适当的,恰当的;合适的 an apt comment/description ; climbing blocks攀岩块; glacier noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˈɡlæs.i.ər/ US ​ /ˈɡleɪ.si.ɚ/  冰川;冰河;  literal adj. (意义)字面的,根本的 The literal meaning of “television” is “seeing from a distance”;

ride /raɪd/ [VI or VT]. 骑(马或自行车)ride a bike/horse; 乘(车),坐(车);搭乘 ride the train;              [C]  a journey on a horse or bicycle, or in a vehicle旅行,行程 It’s a short bus ride to the airport.  [C] 乘便车;搭乘免费车 mainly us (uk usually lift) He asked me for a ride into town.  [C](游乐园里)供人乘坐的游乐装置 We went on all the rides.

slide— slid, slid  verb (MOVE)(使)滑动,(使)滑行。
We have one of those doors in the kitchen that slides open. He slid the letter into his pocket while no one was looking.  sliding doors滑门
slide verb (GET WORSE) 下滑;衰落;逐渐陷入   The dollar slid against other major currencies.  Car exports slid by 40 percent this year.
slide noun (MOVEMENT) 山崩,岩崩;崩塌  a mud/rock slide泥流/岩崩  landslide滑坡
幻灯片 colour slides  彩色幻灯片

repeat V. 重说/重做—-‘replicate v.复制;(精确地)仿制;再造;再生; mines full of precious stones; rockets and International Space Station国际空间站, ‘rockets: 火箭;火箭发动机;火箭弹/焰火;烟花 They launched a rocket to the planet Venus. 金星;  medieval 中世纪的castles; fortify [VT](尤指为防御而)加强,增强 a fortified town —- fortifications [ C usually plural ] strong walls, towers, etc. that are built to protect a place 防御工事Some of the old fortifications still exist. The fortifications of the castle were massive巨大的,结实的 and impenetrable.  [ U ] the act of fortifying something强化;设防 ; penetrate v.渗透;进入;穿过;看透—-penetrable 可被穿透的;能穿透的—-impenetrable; mosaics /məʊˈzeɪ.ɪk/马赛克;镶嵌图案;镶嵌画 and trails; magnificent; amenity/əˈmiː.nə.ti/生活福利设施,便利设施;娱乐消遣设施 ; fragrance n. —– fragrant adj. fragrant flowers; debate;  drinks and snacks; last but not least;

jewels 珠宝~~ precious stones; ancient forts堡垒~~ medieval castles;

L3: anthropology 人类学students’ presentation

early life; passion for collecting things; explore—-ex’plorer /ɪkˈsplɔː.rər/ sp–sb; grow up– grew up; camping trips; Norway;  how harsh weather conditions shaped 影响people’s lifestyles. survival skills; remote; few inhabitants居民;栖息的动物; habit-habitat栖息地—-inhabitant;  radical theory, radical n.自由基;激进分子;游离基adj.根本的;彻底的;完全的;全新的; carvings, carve  v.刻;雕刻;把(熟肉)切成块;艰苦创业; carved in stone  无法改变的;铁板钉钉的  These proposals are for discussion, they’re not carved in stone.

shape verb [ T ] (CHARACTER)  C2 to decide or influence the form of something, especially a belief or idea, or someone’s character 决定(或影响)(尤指信仰或思想)的形式/性格;  e.g. Many people are not able to shape their own destinies. 决定自己的命运。My relationship with my father played a major part in shaping 决定my attitude towards men.    shape verb [ T ] (FORM)  使成形,塑造   e.g. The skirt has been shaped so that it hangs loosely. 这条裙子设计得很宽松。When you’ve made the dough, shape it into two loaves.

huge, empty stretch of ocean; stretch: stretch verb (REACH)伸出;伸长;拉伸 I tripped on a piece of wire that someone had stretched across the path. She stretched out her hand and helped him from his chair. B2 [ I ] 伸展,舒展(四肢) “I’m so tired,” she said, yawning and stretching.  nearest inhabited land, inhabit v.居住(在);栖息(在);占据; spend ages studying the cloud movements; ocean currents; wind patterns;

ship~~boat building; coastal voyages in locally built canoes. ‘voyage noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˈvɔɪ.ɪdʒ/ 航海;航行He was a young sailor on his first sea voyage.  The first year of a loving relationship is a voyage (= period) of discovery.  voyage  verb [ I ] 航海旅行 In their little boat they planned to voyage to distant lands. long voyage;   canoe [C] 独木舟,小划子,划艇; sail on rafts; 筏, raft journey;  spectacular~~magnificent; undertake; I think it was more a matter of simply trying out his idea. try out~~ test/try; try-out [C] 试用;选拔;试演 The try-outs for the team will be next weekend.

the war force him to stop his work for some years.  epic n.adj.史诗 voyage; reeds; Egypt; lasting impression on many disciplines; lasting adj. ; modern academics; originated from; credit—-discredit—-discredited; sound adj.明智的;合理的;正确的;可靠的, I thought the research methods he used was very sound, sound ~~ correct; old-fashioned; a new-revised e’dition版次;版本~~version; revise 修订;修正;校阅;再检查; establish~~build; archaeology/ anthropology; fortunate adj.—unfortunate adj.

 credit noun (PRAISE) B2 [ U ] 赞扬;赞许;荣誉 She got no credit for solving the problem.  credit verb (PAY) [ T ] 给银行账户上存钱 They credited my account with $20 after I pointed out the mistake. credit verb (BELIEVE) [ T not continuous 不用于进行时态的动词] to believe something that seems unlikely to be true 信任,相信(不大可能的事) e.g. He even tried to pretend he was my son – can you credit it?

discredit + sb verb [ T ] 使名誉受损;使受到怀疑  e.g. Evidence of links with drug dealers has discredited the mayor. discredited theories 受到怀疑的理论
discredit  noun [ U ]丧失名誉、信誉 e.g. The stupid behaviour of one student has brought discredit on the whole school.

L4: The future of management

scientific, statistic n.—-sta’tistical errors/ evidence; a really significant development will be a major increase in competition. For instance/\; at the same time; mergers (公司、企业等的)合并and takeovers接收;收购;接管; lose power to major global corporations公司;团体; companies~~corporations; ‘corporation VS co’operation合作; manufacture n.v.—-manufacturers;

internal influence/external influence; consult customers; force [VT] to do; I really have to force myself to be nice to him. to extend product lifecycles生命周期,寿命; regulations need to be strengthened;

specific~~particular; fluid流动性 and democratic; democratic adj.民主的;民主政体的;民主制度的;’democratic VS do’mestic adj.本国的,国内的,家庭的,Cn, 保姆;  emphasis n. emphasize v.; disband [VI].解散;遣散  e.g. She formed a political group which disbanded a year later.; discard [VT]丢弃;抛弃  e.g. Discarded food containers and bottles littered the street; form;

workforce shrink; shrink verb (BECOME SMALLER) (使)缩小,(使)变小 Your sweater will shrink if you wash it at too high a temperature.   remote working—-work remotely; compete [VI] compete for staff, compete against/with that noise;  retain 保持,保留 VS remain 剩余,遗留; Businesses are having to compete for staffs instead of being able to choose among a lot of applicants; flexible;

efficiency; leadership; initiate v.开创;开始;提出;制定 and respond to change; in a fast-moving world; competing requirements and potential ‘conflicts; the predominant of adj. 占绝大多数的;显著的;明显的;盛行的;占优势的; Research forms the predominant part of my job. predominant VS dominant 主要的;主导的;占优势的 a dominant military power主要军事力量; consultative and collaborative; 协商和协作; collaborate—-collaborative; collaborate verb [ I ] (WORK WITH) 合作;协作  Two writers collaborated on the script for the film. A German company collaborated with a Swiss firm to develop the product.  collaborate verb [ I ] (SUPPORT AN ENEMY) 勾结;通敌,叛国  Anyone who was suspected of collaborating with the occupying forces占领军 was arrested.

by the wider economy; The traditional emphasis of businesses was manufacturing n. 制造业. overlook the growing financial; sums; one trend; self-employed ;










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