3 September: Listening 10-t3

L1: Early Learning Childcare centre Enrollment Form

enrollment form, especially double ll; I’ll drop her off at 8:30; mature 读音; medical conditions医疗状况; ‘asthma哮喘病 or hearing problem/ health problems; aunt/ uncle;  sibling: a brother or sister; spouse: a husband or a wife; slightly discounted rate; Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday;

L2: video of Dolphin Conservation Trust and organizations;

raise people’s awareness of sth; marine creatures海洋生物; fairly adv.公正地;相当地;一定地;(to some extent but not very) small; charity; in fishing policy; and so forth/ and so on; campaigns n.运动;战役; [VI] 出征;参加[从事](某一)运动 election campaign 竞选活动  They’re busy campaigning against the building of a new motorway near here. ; biologist; with dolphin expertise noun [ U ] a high level of knowledge or skill 专门技能(知识);专长   e.g. We admired the expertise with which he prepared the meal.; monitor populations; observation; an enormous amount of; mean—-meant;

UK waters 水域; haven n.避难所;安全的地方;保护区; haven VS heaven;  little shipping n.航运;船舶;海运; campaign against; socialise; I was hooked. 入迷的,上瘾的 I was hooked after two episodes.

sponsor n. 赞助商;发起人;保证人 verb [ T ]  资助,赞助;支持  The team is sponsored by JVC, so the players wear the letters JVC on their shirts.;   adopt; elusive
adj. UK ​ /iˈluː.sɪv/ C2 difficult to describe, find, achieve, or remember 难以表述(或找到、达到、记起)的;困难的;难懂的  The answers to these questions remain as elusive as ever. 仍然是不得而知。 Success, however, remained elusive for her. 成功仍然不可企及。elusive memories模糊的记忆;sight: v.看见;瞄准;发现;给…装瞄准器n.视力;情景;视域;风景 be sighted by our observers; observe—-observers; remain optimistic; capture her on film胶卷; elegant and curves out; vigour n.活力;精力;力量;热情; latest; fin on the back; latest~~newest;









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