5 September: Listening 9-t2

L4: business culture

eventually end up doing sth, end up working for a company; certain characteristics, social characteristics; difference-between-characteristic-character-personality-and-trait; …and things like that; classify company cultures by…; effective—-effectively; effective VS efficient; rules or procedures, procedure /prəˈsiː.dʒər/ noun (WAY TO DO) [ C or U ]  程序;步骤;常规  The company has new procedures for dealing with complaints.  You must follow correct procedure at all times.; the form of conversations交谈,谈话,对话 rather that formal meetings or written memos 备忘录; conversations/meetings/written memos;  threat~~~danger; But on the negative side,…; a low priority, priority—-prioritise/ze;

Characteristics VS characters: Characteristic means..a specific feature.. belongs to specific subject or person.. or something which he can be distinguished from others.
Eg: Honesty is his main characteristic.
Character means a group of characteristics or features that defines individual nature.
Eg: The Character of a person is more important than his social status.

Well-known/famous/renowned; take risks; Large companies have separate departments; separate [adj.] /ˈsep.ər.ət/ 各自的;单独的,不同的 [VI or VT] /ˈsep.ər.eɪt/ (使)分离;(使)分开; special—-specialise—-specific; specialise/ze [VI]专门研究,专攻;专门从事 She hired a lawyer who specializes in divorce cases.; a restaurant that specializes in seafood; ‘maintenance维修/sales/finance; maintain /meɪnˈteɪn/ [V]—-maintenance /ˈmeɪn.tən.əns/ [U];  Each one is co-ordinated adj.; coordinate v.2 [VT] (COMBINE)  uk also co-ordinate 协调;使相配合;调节  e.g. We need someone to coordinate the whole campaign活动.  coordinate verb (MATCH)  [VI ] to match or look attractive together  相配,相称;协调  The bed linen coordinates with the bedroom curtains.  a coordinating jacket and skirt;  overheads; economies of scale规模经济; react; who values security; technical expertise;



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