IELTS speaking:2017 5-8月话题预测

2017年5-8月雅思口语话题题库稳定版 实时更新配范文



人 物

Describe a businessman you admire

Describe an interesting foreign friend

Describe a good parent

Describe a knowledgeable person

地 点

Describe a place where you listen to music

Describe a dream home

Describe an interesting place that few people know


Describe a piece of furniture in your home

Describe something you bought recently that made you feel happy

Describe an exciting book

Describe a leisure facility

Describe a letter you received

物 品(抽象)

Describe a rule at your school that you agree or disagree

Describe something you do to stay healthy

Describe an achievement that you recently had

事 件

Describe a time that you brought mobile phone


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