14 October: English news

CPC: Communist Party of China. CPC members  中共党员; the 19th national congress: 第十九届人民代表大会; congress: 代表大会,an international/medical congress 国际/医学代表大会; communist: 共产主义者;


verb [ T ] UK ​ /ˈfæb.rɪ.keɪt/   to invent or produce something false in order to deceive someone:
He was late, so he fabricated an excuse to avoid trouble.
He claims that the police fabricated evidence against him.

falsify—-falsification   伪造

verb [ T ] UK ​ /ˈfɒl.sɪ.faɪ/     to change something, such as a document, in order to deceive people:
The certificate had clearly been falsified.

plagiarize/plagiarise—-plagiarism  抄袭

verb [ I or T ] uk usually plagiarise UK ​ /ˈpleɪ.dʒər.aɪz/    to use another person’s ideas or work and pretend that it is your own:
The book contains numerous plagiarized passages.
If you compare the two books side by side, it is clear that the author of the second has plagiarized (from the first).

underlie verb [ T ]

UK  /ˌʌn.dəˈlaɪ/ US  /ˌʌn.dɚˈlaɪ/ present participle underlyingpast tense underlaypast participle underlain

to be a hidden cause of or strong influence on something

Psychological problems very often underlie apparently physical disorders.明显的生理疾病下常常隐藏着心理问题。









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