30 October: new words

today’s new words:

manual influence相互的; intrinsic elements 固有的,内在的,本质的; monotonic[ˌmɒnə’tɒnɪk] ~~~boring 单调的; depict; predict; leverage n.杠杆,杠杆作用,影响力v.充分利用; time span跨度,范围。regress n.回归;退化;【天】同“regression”;【法】复归(权)v.回归;倒退;退化—-regression倒退;回归;退化; regression problem回归问题; regression analysis回归分析;keep you sane. proportion—-proportionate adj.成比例的;相应的;相称的 v.使成比例;使适应; ninja(尤指旧时的)忍者,日本武士; how empires rise and crumble; flame火焰;激情;火舌;鲜红色v.燃烧;使变红;发送火药味电邮(或互联网信息)—-flammable易燃的;可燃的;rigorous; gauge v.估计;判定;估算;(用仪器)测量;

sane adjective UK  /seɪn/ C2 having a healthy mind and not mentally ill 心智健全的,神智正常的;头脑清醒的;明智的

In the doctor’s opinion he was sane at the time of the murder.按照医生的看法,他在谋杀时神志清醒。 The only thing which keeps me sane after a hard day in the office is jogging!
Whenever I see someone charge an idea with “Eurocentricism欧洲中心论” I do not sit and think that this person is wrong in doing so, since history itself is Eurocentric because Europe has been the dominant force in defining the world for thousands of years. Whenever someone uses the term Eurocentricism in a negative way, it merely shows a refusal Cn拒绝;回绝to admit that Europe has defined the modern world.

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