24Dec: determination

I’m gonna definitely to go out. Coz I need to chase the freedom of myself.

Come on, honey. I love you.

Today’s new words:

trainee; noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˌtreɪˈniː/ : ​C1 a person who is learning and practising the skills of a particular job 受培训者;实习生,见习生; a trainee dentist/electrician实习牙医/电工

intern  verb [ T often passive ] UK ​ /ɪnˈtɜːn/ (尤指战时因政治或军事原因)拘禁,扣押,关押;  Many foreigners were interned for the duration of the war.战争期间许多外国人被拘禁。

internship noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˈɪn.tɜːn.ʃɪp/ US ​ /ˈɪn.tɝːn.ʃɪp/ us

  1. internship noun [ C ] (IN A HOSPITAL)
    ​a period of training spent in a hospital by a young doctor in order to finish their medical qualification医生实习期
    He served his internship at Garfield Hospital.他在加菲尔德医院度过了实习期。
  2. internship noun [ C ] (IN A COMPANY)实习期
    Jane has a summer internship at a local TV station.暑期,简在当地一家电视台实习。

Don’t mention it.

Don' mention it.是用于口语的表达,有两种意思:
    --Thanking you for helping me。
    --Don't mention it. (区区小事,不足挂齿)
    --How about your interview on Sunday?  你上周日面试怎么样啊?
       --Don't mention it!  I failed. 唉别提了,没过。
综上可知,Don't mention it 不用于回答道歉。
It doesn’t matter. That’s all right. Never mind. Don't worry about it.
That's OK.

Anyway! I must be off. off v. 离开

the offthe act of leaving somewhere 走,离开

Are we ready for the off, then?那么,我们准备好要走了吗?
quarter to two 1.45 / quarter past ten 10.15.
Marvellous.  adjective uk us marvelous UK ​ /ˈmɑː.vəl.əs/   B1 extremely good绝妙的;好极了的He’s done a marvellous job of the decorating. 他所做的装饰真是棒极了。
It took me ages to get it right, but it was a marvellous feeling when I did.我花了好长时间才弄好,但弄好后真有种说不出的快乐。He was a truly marvellous storyteller.


  1. age noun (TIME SPENT ALIVE) 年龄,年纪;存在时间
    Do you know the age of that building?你知道那座楼的历史有多久吗?What age (= how old) is your brother?你弟弟多大了?I’d guess she’s about my age (= she is about as old as I am).我猜她和我年龄差不多。She was 74 years of age when she wrote her first novel.她写第一部小说时是74岁。He left home at the age of 16.  I was married with four children at your age.像你这么大的时候我已经结了婚并且有了4个孩子。I’m really beginning to feel my age (= feel old).我真的开始觉得老了。His girlfriend’s twice his age (= twice as old as he is).他的女朋友年龄比他大一倍。
  2. age noun (PERIOD)  B1 [ C ] a particular period in time 时代;时期   the Victorian age维多利亚时代; the modern age 现代; the nuclear age 核时
  3. age noun (LONG TIME) 很长时间   It takes ages to cook. 做饭要花很长时间。I’ve been waiting for ages.我已经等了很长时间。It’s been ages/an age since we last spoke. 我们好长时间没有交谈了。
  4. age noun (BEING OLD) 年老;衰老;老化;陈年
    Her back was bent with age.随着年事增高,她的背驼了。
    This cheese/wine improves with age.这种干酪/酒放的时间越长越好。
    Her temper hasn’t improved with age!她的脾气一点没有随着年龄增长而变好!
  5. age verb [ I or T ] UK ​ /eɪdʒ/  present participle uk ageing or us aging, past tense and past participle aged; If someone ages or something ages them, they look older.衰老,使…显得苍老
    She’s aged since the last time we met.她显得比我们上次见面时老了。
    to develop in flavour or leave something to do this(使)发酵,(使)变陈
    The brandy is aged in oak for ten years.这种白兰地在橡木桶中陈酿了10年。





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