27th Dec; TO or FOR/at,on,in/complements

To or For: to do sth/ for (doing) sth


  1. motive/reason: I came here to talk to you.
  2. Telling about the time: Let’s meet at ten to nine 8.50(read ‘t’ not ‘to’)
  3. Distance: It’s about 10km from my house to yours.
  4. Comparing: I prefer apples to oranges. (read ‘t’ not ‘to’)
  5. Destination: We are going to France.
  6. Transferring (give/send/sell): I sent it to her yesterday.


  1. Beneficial or detrimental: Drinking water is good for you.
  2. Periods of time: I lived in Spain for a few/couple of years.
  3. Schedules/ arrangements:  I’ve made an appointment for 4th May.
  4. Motive/reason(with noun): I went to the shop for milk.
  5. Doing sth to help sb: Can I carry that for you?
  6. Function(with -ing verb): Wine is made for drinking.


  1. motive noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˈməʊ.tɪv/  B2 a reason for doing something.   e.g. Why would she have killed him? She has no motive.为什么她会杀害他?她没有动机。Does he have a motive for lying about where he was?他有必要隐瞒自己去过哪里吗?What is the motive behind (= the reason for) the bombing?轰炸 I think you should examine/question their motives in offering to lend you the money.我认为你该仔细考虑一下/怀疑他们主动借钱给你的目的。She denies that she has an ulterior (= secret) motive for making the donation.她否认进行这一捐赠是别有用心。motive adj.(of power or force) causing movement or action(引起)运动的;发动的;原动的
  2. ulterior adj. UK ​ /ʌlˈtɪə.ri.ər/ ulterior motive, reason, purpose, etc.​a secret purpose or reason for doing something不可告人的动机/原因/目的等
    He claims he just wants to help Lisa but I suspect he has an ulterior motive.
  3. beneficial vs detrimental adj.UK ​ /ˌdet.rɪˈmen.təl/ C2 causing harm or damage有危害的,有损害的 These chemicals have a detrimental effect/impact on the environment. 这些化学品对环境有危害。 Their decision could be detrimental to the future of the company. 他们的决定可能会对公司的未来产生不利影响。
  4. 4th May: read UK, the 4th of May.  US, May 4th.
  5. schedules VS arrangements: arrangement noun (PLAN) B1 [ C usually plural ]安排;筹划;准备(工作) They’d made all the arrangements for the party. 他们为聚会作好了一切准备。[ + to infinitive ] Arrangements were made to move the prisoners to another jail.已经作出安排将犯人转至另一监狱。What are your current childcare arrangements?目前你的孩子怎么照看?​B2 [ C or U ]商定;约定 [ + that ] We had an arrangement that he would clean the house and I would cook. 我们定好了,他打扫卫生,我做饭。I’m sure we can come to an arrangement (= reach an agreement). 我确信我们之间可以达成协议。You can only withdraw money from this account by (prior) arrangement (= after making plans to do so) with the bank. 你必须和银行(预先)约定,才能从这个账户上取钱。arrangement noun (POSITION)​ B2 [ C ] a group of objects that have been put in a particular order or position排列,安排 There was a striking arrangement of dried flowers on the table. 桌上干花的插花样式非常引人注目。arrangement noun (MUSIC) [ C ] a piece of music that has had changes made to it so that it can be played in a different way, especially by different instruments改编曲 This new arrangement of the piece is for saxophone and piano. 这支新改编的乐曲是供萨克斯管和钢琴演奏的。
  6. strike verb UK ​ /straɪk/ struck, struck strike verb (STOP WORK) ​B2 [ I ] to refuse to continue working because of an argument with an employer about working conditions, pay levels, or job losses 罢工Democratization has brought workers the right to strike and join a trade union. 民主化赋予工人罢工和加入工会的权利。We’re striking for better pay and improved safety standards.我们举行罢工,要求减少每周工作时间并提高安全标准。The only option available to us is to strike.They are threatening to strike if their demands are not met. There’s a very real possibility that they might strike. If the management wouldn’t listen to their demands, they would have to force the issue by striking.
    strike verb (CAUSE SUFFERING)C2 [ I or T ] to cause a person or place to suffer severely from the effects of something very unpleasant that happens suddenly突然侵袭;使受折磨;使遭受重创 I have a life insurance policy保险单 that will take care of my family if disaster strikes.我有人寿保险,这样即使灾难降临,我的家人也会有保障。The disease has struck the whole community, sometimes wiping out消灭 whole families.疾病袭击了整个社区,有时整个家庭都无一生还。They predict that a large earthquake will strike the west coast before the end of the decade.他们预测这个10年内东海岸就会发生一场大地震。strike verb (HIT)​B1 [ I or T ] to hit or attack someone or something forcefully or violently击,打;撞击;碰撞;攻击Her car went out of control and struck an oncoming vehicle. 她的汽车失控,撞上了迎面开来的一辆车。
    The police have warned the public that the killer could strike again.警方提醒公众杀手可能会再次下手。Have you ever been struck by lightning?你被闪电击中过吗?My golf was terrible today – I just didn’t strike the ball well.我今天高尔夫打得很糟糕——我就是击不好球。​
    B1 [ I or T ] to kick a football, especially hard so that it travels a long distance用力踢(足球)Beckham struck the ball with precision.贝克汉姆精确地大力踢球。
    ​[ I or T ] When a clock strikes, its bells ring to show what the time is.(时钟)敲,鸣,报时 The clock was striking ten as we went into the church.我们走进教堂时响起了10点报时的钟声。​
    [ I ] When a particular time strikes, a clock’s bells ring to tell people what time it is.(时间)鸣报 Midnight had just struck when I went upstairs to bed.我上楼睡觉时时钟刚刚敲过午夜12点。​
    C2 [ T ] If you strike a match, you cause it to burn by rubbing it against a hard rough surface.擦,划(火柴)She struck a match and lit another cigarette.她划了根火柴,又点燃了一支香烟。
    strike verb (REMOVE)[ T usually + adv/prep ] formal to remove something officially from a document(正式从文件中)删除,取消
    Please strike my name from your mailing list immediately.请立即将我的名字从你的邮件列表中删除。Several unreliable dealers have been struck off our list of authorized suppliers.几个不可靠的供应商已从我们的许可供应商名单中去除掉了。
    strike verb (DISCOVER)C2 [ T ] to discover a supply of oil, gas, or gold underground发现,探测到(地下石油、天然气或黄金储备)The first person to strike oil in the US was Edwin Laurentine Drake.第一个在美国发现石油的人是埃德温‧劳伦廷‧德雷克。
  7. trade union 工会。economic collapse; go out of control; oncoming: adjective [ before noun ] ​moving towards you or coming nearer迎面而来的;即将到来的 The car veered onto the wrong side of the road and hit/struck an oncoming truck.这辆车突然驶入逆行道,跟迎面而来的一辆卡车相撞了。 There seemed to be no way of averting the oncoming crisis.似乎没有办法避免即将到来的危机。
  8. veer: verb [ I + adv/prep ] UK ​ /vɪər/ to change direction改变方向;转向All of a sudden, the car veered off the road./the car veered onto another side.
    突然那辆车改变方向冲出了公路。Moments before crashing, the jet was seen veering sharply to the right. 坠机之前的一瞬间,有人看见那架喷气式飞机猛地转向右方。Three men were feared dead last night after a helicopter veered off course航线 into an oil platform.昨晚一架直升飞机偏离航线撞上了石油钻井平台,恐怕有3人因此死亡。
    Our talk soon veered onto the subject of money.我们的谈话很快就转到了足球上。
  9. course:  noun (SPORTS AREA) B1 [ C ] an area of land or water used for a sports event 竞赛场地;球场;跑道;泳道 a golf course/cross-country course高尔夫球场/越野赛赛场
  10. avert: verb [ T ] UK ​ /əˈvɜːt/ avert verb [ T ] (PREVENT)​to prevent something bad from happening防止,避免; to avert a crisis/conflict/strike/famine避免危机/冲突/罢工/饥荒  to avert disaster/economic collapse防止灾难/经济崩溃Synonym:avoid
    avert verb [ T ] (TURN) to turn away your eyes or thoughts 转移(目光、想法等);把…转(向别处) I averted my gaze/eyes while he dressed.他穿衣服的时候我把目光转向一边。We tried to avert our thoughts from our massive financial problems.我们尽量不去想我们面临的严重财政问题。


AT: specific time. at 3 o’clock; at sunrise; at noon; at bedtime; at dinnertime; at the weekend; at night; at present; at the same time; at the moment;

IN: longer periods/general periods, like months/ years/centuries/seasons. June, July; in 1998; in 2017; in 1800; in summer; in winter; In the morning; in the afternoon;

ON: specific dates/days. on Monday; on 10th June; on Christmas; on the eve of New Year’s day

this/next/last/every 不需要加时间介词。


  1. bedtime noun [ U or C ] the time at which you usually get into your bed in order to sleep就寝时间 Put your toys away now, it’s bedtime. 把玩具收拾好,该上床睡觉了。
    Eleven o’clock is past my bedtime.11点了,已过了我的就寝时间了。I like to have a hot drink at bedtime.睡觉前我喜欢喝一杯热饮。He reads his children a bedtime story every night.每天晚上睡觉前他都要给孩子们读一个故事。
  2. UK at the weekend. at Christmas. US on the weekend, on Christmas

How to give compliments?

adj: pretty-woman; handsome-man; beautiful-man or woman; gorgeous; stunning- extremely beautiful or attractive; breathtaking;

you look + adj./ you look like + noun.

quality: I find you really easy to be around. I find you really funny.


  1. complement VS `compliments:compliment noun UK ​ /ˈkɒm.plɪ.mənt/ C2 [ C ] a remark that expresses approval, admiration, or respect恭维话;赞扬话;奉承话 He complained that his husband never paid him any compliments anymore. 她抱怨说丈夫再也不赞美她了。I take it as a compliment (= I am pleased) when people say I look like my mother.当人们说我长得像我母亲的时候,我觉得很高兴。Are you fishing for (= trying to get) compliments? 你这是在寻求表扬吗?
    C2 [ S ] an action that expresses approval or respect赞扬;致敬;致意
    You should take it as a compliment when I fall asleep in your company – it means I’m relaxed. 我在你面前睡着了你应该感到荣幸——这意味着我很放心。Thank you so much for your help – I hope one day I’ll be able to return/repay the compliment (= do something good for you). 多谢你的帮助——我希望有朝一日能报答你。
    my compliments… formal, an expression of your admiration or respect (向)…致意(或致敬) That was an excellent meal! My compliments to the chef. 这顿饭真是太好吃了!请代我向厨师致意。
    with your compliments C2 formal, If you give something to someone with your compliments, you give it to that person free.免费赠送We enclose a copy of our latest brochure, with our compliments. 我们免费附赠一本最新的小册子。
    compliment verb [ T ] UK ​ /ˈkɒm.plɪ.mənt/  C1 to praise or express admiration for someone 夸奖;赞扬;赞赏;恭维 compliment sb on sth
    I was just complimenting Robert on his wonderful food. 我刚才在夸罗伯特做的饭菜特棒。I must compliment you on your handling of a very difficult situation.我必须表扬你对困难局面的处理。

    complement verb [ T ] UK ​ /ˈkɒm.plɪ.ment/to make something else seem better or more attractive when combining with it 补充;补足;使完善;为…增色
    Strawberries and cream complement each other perfectly.草莓加奶油相得益彰。
    The music complements her voice perfectly.音乐使她的嗓音妙不可言。
    complement  noun UK ​ /ˈkɒm.plɪ.ment/ 补语



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