22nd of March: new words

the speaking topic of boat:

related words:

  1. fishing n. 钓鱼.
  2. row noun UK ​ /rəʊ/ US ​ /roʊ/
    row noun (LINE)
    ​B1 [ C ] a line of things, people, animals, etc. arranged next to each other一排;一行;一列
    a row of houses/books/plants/people/horses一排房屋/一排书/一行植物/一队人/一队马. We had seats in the front/back row of the theatre.我们坐在剧场前/后排。
    ​us uk terrace a line of houses joined together along their side walls排屋,排房​
    [ C ] used in the names of some roads(用于一些道路的名称中)路,街
    Prospect Row普罗斯帕克特街
    in a row: ​B2 one after another without a break接连地;连续地
    She’s been voted Best Actress three years in a row.她已经连续3年当选为最佳女演员。
    row noun (MOVING THROUGH WATER)​
    [ C usually singular ] the activity of making a boat move through water using oars (= poles with flat ends)划(船)
    They’ve gone for a row to the island.他们划船去那个岛了。
    row verb [ I or T ] UK ​ /rəʊ/ US ​ /roʊ/
    ​B2 to cause a boat to move through water by pushing against the water with oars (= poles with flat ends)划(船)
    The wind dropped, so we had to row (the boat) back home.风小了,我们只好划船回家。
    row noun UK ​ /raʊ/ US ​ /raʊ/ mainly uk
    row noun (ARGUMENT)​
    [ C ] a noisy argument or fight争吵,吵架;打斗
    My parents often have rows/words, but my dad does most of the shouting.
    What was a political row over government policy on Europe is fast becoming a diplomatic row between France and Britain.
    这本来是一场关于政府对欧洲政策的政治争论,却很快演变成法国和英国两国之间的外交摩擦。row noun (NOISE)​
    [ S ] loud noise大的噪音,响声,闹声
    I can’t concentrate because of the row the builders are making.建筑工人弄出那么大噪声,我没法集中注意力。
    row verb [ I ] UK ​ /raʊ/ US ​ /raʊ/ mainly uk informal​
    to argue, especially loudly(尤指大声地)争吵,吵闹
    My parents are always rowing (about/over money).我父母总是(为了钱的事情)吵个不休。
  3. paddle noun UK ​ /ˈpæd.əl/ US ​ /ˈpæd.əl/
    paddle noun (POLE) ​[ C ] a short pole with a wide, flat part at one end or both ends, used for moving a small boat or canoe through the water(小船的)短桨,桨
    ​[ C ] a blade on a paddle wheel(船的)明轮叶
    paddle noun (WALK) ​[ C usually singular ] uk us wade a walk through water that is not very deep, especially at the edge of a beach, etc.(尤指在海边的)涉水
    Shall we go for a paddle?我们去趟水玩好吗?
    paddle verb UK ​ /ˈpæd.əl/ US ​ /ˈpæd.əl/
    paddle verb (WITH POLE)​
    [ I or T ] to push a pole with a wide end through the water in order to make a boat move用桨划船
    ​[ T ] us to hit a child on the bottom with a short, wide piece of wood as a punishment用戒尺打(孩子的屁股)
    paddle verb (WALK)​ [ I ] uk us wade to walk with no shoes or socks on through water that is not very deep, often at the edge of a beach, etc.涉水,趟水;在(海边)浅水中走
    We rolled up our trousers and paddled along the seashore.我们卷起裤脚沿海边趟着水走。
    paddle verb (SWIM)​ [ I ] to swim by moving your feet and hands up and down(游泳时用手和脚)拨水
  4. the seashore noun [ S ] UK ​ /ˈsiː.ʃɔːr/ US ​ /ˈsiː.ʃɔːr/~~~~~seaweed; seafood; the underwater world海底世界.
    ​the land along the edge of the sea海岸;海滨
    As we walked along the seashore we saw several different sorts of seaweed.
  5. 辞职: design VS resign—-resignation.  hand in one’s resignationresign verb [ I or T ] UK ​ /rɪˈzaɪn/ US ​ /rɪˈzaɪn/
    ​B2 to give up a job or position by telling your employer that you are leaving辞职;辞去(职务);放弃(工作)
    He resigned from the company in order to take a more challenging job.他从这家公司辞职以便能够从事更有挑战性的工作。
    She resigned as director.她辞去了董事职务。
    She resigned the directorship.她辞去了董事职务。
    In the game of chess, you resign when you cannot see any way to avoid being beaten.(在国际象棋中,当看到没有任何方法避免失败时)放弃,投子认输
    Timman resigned a hopeless position.迪曼放弃了一个无望的布局。
    After she had taken my rook, there was nothing I could really do except resign.
  6. director noun [ C ] UK ​ /daɪˈrek.tər/ /dɪˈrek.tər/ US ​ /daɪˈrek.tɚ/ /dɪˈrek.tɚ/
    director noun [ C ] (MANAGER)​
    B1 a manager of an organization, company, college, etc.经理,管理者,主任,董事
    the board of directors董事会. She has become the director of the new information centre.她成为新成立的信息中心主任。​
    us someone in charge of a school for very young children(学校)校长
  7. boat&ship用法辨析
  8. conundrum noun [ C ] UK ​ /kəˈnʌn.drəm/ US ​ /kəˈnʌn.drəm/​
    a problem that is difficult to deal with难题;复杂的问题
    Arranging childcare over the school holidays can be a real conundrum for working parents.对双职工家长来说,学校放假期间如何安排照看孩子是个大难题。
    ​a question that is a trick, often involving a humorous use of words that have two meanings(常以双关妙语为答案的)谜语
  9. narrate verb [ T ] UK ​ /nəˈreɪt/ /ˈnær.eɪt/ US ​ /nəˈreɪt/ /ˈner.eɪt/
    ​to tell a story, often by reading aloud from a text, or to describe events as they happen讲(故事);叙述
    Documentaries are often narrated by well-known actors.纪录片常常由著名演员作旁白。One by one the witnesses narrated the sequence of events which led up to the disaster. 目击者一个接一个地叙述了导致惨祸发生的一系列事件。
  10. documentary noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˌdɒk.jəˈmen.tər.i/ US ​ /ˌdɑː.kjəˈmen.t̬ɚ.i/
    ​B1 a film or television or radio programme that gives facts and information about a subject(电影或电视)纪录片;纪实性广播节目
    The documentary took a fresh look at the life of Darwin.这部纪录片从一个崭新的角度介绍了达尔文的一生。They showed a documentary on animal communication.他们放映了一部关于动物之间交流沟通的纪录片。
  11. speculate verb [ I ] UK ​ /ˈspek.jə.leɪt/ US ​ /ˈspek.jə.leɪt/
    speculate verb [ I ] (GUESS)
    ​C2 to guess possible answers to a question when you do not have enough information to be certain猜测;推测,推断
    I don’t know why she did it – I’m just speculating.我不知道她为什么那么做——我只是猜测。A spokesperson declined to speculate on the cause of the train crash.一位发言人拒绝就火车相撞事件的原因作出推测。Journalists are speculating about whether interest rates will be cut.记者们在猜测是否会降息。[ + that ] The newspapers have speculated that they will get married next year.报纸猜测他们明年会结婚。
  12. recline VS declinedecline verb US ​ UK ​ /dɪˈklaɪn/
    decline verb (GO DOWN)
    ​B2 [ I ] to gradually become less, worse, or lower(逐渐)减少,衰落,降低
    His interest in the project declined after his wife died.妻子死后,他对该项目的兴趣逐渐淡薄了。The party’s popularity has declined in the opinion polls.民意测验表明该党的支持率已经下滑。formal The land declines sharply away from the house.地势从房屋那边开始大幅度向下倾斜。
    decline verb (REFUSE)
    ​B2 [ I or T ] formal to refuse拒绝,谢绝
    I invited him to the meeting but he declined.我邀请他参加会议,但他谢绝了。
    He declined my offer.他拒绝了我的提议。[ + to infinitive ] They declined to tell me how they had obtained my address.他们拒绝透露是如何得到我的地址的。

    recline verb UK ​ /rɪˈklaɪn/ US ​ /rɪˈklaɪn/ formal
    ​[ I or T ] to lean or lie back with the upper part of your body in a nearly horizontal position(使)斜倚;(使)斜躺;(使)向后倚靠
    She was reclining elegantly on the sofa.她优雅地斜倚在沙发上。
    He reclined his head against/on my shoulder.他把头靠在我的肩上。

  13. work out VS exercise
  14. majority VS minoritymajority noun UK ​ /məˈdʒɒr.ə.ti/ US ​ /məˈdʒɑː.rə.t̬i/
    majority noun (NUMBER)
    ​B2 [ S ] the larger number or part of something大多数,大部分
    The majority of the employees have university degrees.大部分雇员都有大学文凭。
    A large majority of people approve of the death sentence.大多数人赞成死刑。
    In Britain women are in the/a majority.在英国,女性占多数。
  15. the high price of house高房价; 人们对经济、利率和房价啧有烦言。There have been grouses about the economy, interest rates and house prices
  16. term~~~~ school term~~~~semester学期.



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