speaking part 1 – Evenings


What do you often do in the evenings?

  • For me, the evening is also a period for work. So I would do some IELTS exercise to polish my English skill. If one day I want to have a relax in the evening, I would play some RPG(role-playing game) games, like Don’t starve.

Do you do the same thing every evening?

  • almost the same. On weekdays’ evenings, I usually study English, do some ielts exercise to prepare for each part of ielts test. However, during weekends’ evenings, there are little differences that I would watch some TV series with my boyfriend or play games like I mentioned before.

Do you prefer to spend your evenings with family or friends?

  • neither of them. I prefer to spend my evenings alone. As we grow up, we have more pressure on our studies or future careers. So for most postgraduates, the evening is also a period for work. We would continue to work on our research project or read some academic papers. So, most students would like to spend our evenings alone.
  • I don’t have many chances to stay with my family members, I rarely go back home except summer and winter holiday. on the other hand, for my friends, they have their own stuff[U] to focus on. So actually, I don’t have many chances to spend my evenings with them.

Do you ever work or study in the evenings?

What is a popular activity for young people in your country in the evenings?

  • playing game. and one of the most popular game is the king of glory – a mobile game. It’s so popular that most students surrounding me have accounts on that game. Some young people even take playing mobile games as a career.

Do you do the same thing in the evenings as you did when you were a child? 

  • of course, when I was a child, I usually some saw  TV series with my parents. But for now, as a postgraduate, I have more pressure on my studies and future career. So, I usually study in the evenings.

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