speaking part 1 – Hobbies


do you have any hobbies?

  • Yes, I’m crazy about animations, especially Japanese animation. I used to spend a lot of time on watching animations, like one piece, naruto, attack on ‘titan, and so on. But recently, I’m preparing for IELTS test, so I don’t have a great passion for that like the past。

1.be used to doing 习惯做某事
2.used to do 过去常常,但现在不是了
3.be used to do 被用来

have a passion for. be passionate/ˈpæʃ.ən.ət/ about sth.

  1. Yes. I’m really crazy about animation, especially Japanese animation. I used to spend a lot of time to watch animations, like one piece, naruto, attack on ‘titan. I’ve seen the Most of famous works. But these days I don’t have that much interests in animation like the past or I can’t find the excellent one. Recently, I cultivated another hobby, swimming./ I taken up(开始|一种爱好) swimming. I’m still learning breaststroke/how to swim and I really like it. I just want to swim everyday. I don’t fear [VT,n] water anymore.

swim: v. n. a time when you swim,  go for/have a swim; swimming :n. action or activity.

What equipment do you need for it?

  • As for watching animations, You can just use your phone, notepad or a computer. all these electric devices can satisfy your requirement.

Do you think hobbies should be shared with other people?

  • Yes, of course. on the one hand, the shared experience of doing an activity that everyone enjoys can strengthen our relationship. On the other hand, sometimes we can meet new people through the shared passion. But to some extent, we shouldn’t force our friends into our favourite hobbies.

Researchers have long known that couples that practice hobbies together can be happier. The shared experience of doing an activity that each enjoys can strengthen the relationship. Sounds easy, but it can also lead to a lot of tension and conflict if not done properly. Sometimes people meet via their shared passion, but more often one partner introduces the other into their favorite hobby. And there one needs to treat the other with patience and respect. You should never force your partner into your hobby. When one partner is an expert and the other a novice, it is very important to take you time as you make your introduction to your sport or hobby. The most important component is praise. Always remember to give your partner credit for all their progress as they learn. While you may be a black diamond skier, give them encouragement as they manage not to crash into a tree on the bunny slope! Also if your favorite hobby turns out not to be for them, don’t treat it like a failure. Just try something different. The key is that the two of you are trying something together.

The team at Valenti International are experts at helping people come together. While we do look at shared hobbies as a factor in matching successful, healthy people together, it is a more minor one. What matters more is that compatibility in lifestyle and attitude towards life. These more profound values are where people can connect. When two individual fall in love and cherish each other, there is a natural acceptance and excitement for what matters to their partner. A successful couple can be very happy even if they have very different hobbies, but there is always a middle ground where they enjoy something together. Acceptance and excitement are powerful elements in a relationship. So give new hobbies a try! You may find that you no only like it, you may find you love you partner more!

Did you have a hobby as a child?

  • Yes, I did. When I was a child, I fell in love with watching animations. For now, I’m still crazy about it. I’ve watched lots of Japanese animations since primary school.

What hobbies are popular in your country?

  • Playing games. It’s suitable for all ages of people. Especially for young people, they are crazy about games. One of the most popular games is the king of glory. the number of download of that game has exceeded 20 billion. It’s so popular that most students surrounding me have accounts on that game. Some young people even take playing games as a career.

Why do you think people have hobbies?/benefits / reasons

People have hobbies because there’re many benefits by having a hobby. At first, it helps to reduce negative stress in our life by focusing on positive tasks. at that time, our mind can get a relax for a while and recharge for other future challenges. The second, It helps to improve your self-esteem/ˌself.ɪˈstiːm/. Being good at something is exciting and rewarding.

Improve Your Self Esteem. Your hobby is going to challenge you in some way, whether it is mentally or physically. As you overcome these challenges, your confidence will be boosted. Solving problems and being good at something is exciting and rewarding.

When you enjoy your hobby, you reduce negative stress in your life by focusing on positive tasks. You focus and work so deeply on the project that you don’t worry about any negative stressors. The mind gets to relax for a while and recharge for other future challenges.

what do you usually do at weekends英式?

at most of time, I always sleep in at weekends. and then I’d like to hang out, eat some good food with my boyfriend, then go to the market to buy some stuff, like vegetable for the next week. After 5 days’ work, I need to have a break and reward myself, which I could rest enough and prepare for the next week./our mind can get a relax for a while and recharge for other future challenges.

what do people usually do to relax in your country?

playing games. …

Eating out or do something else. I guess most people in my country would love to go out and eat some delicious food. You know, there is much Chinese food which is tasty, like hotpot,  Sichuan cui’sine. It would be marvelous if you eat out and enjoy your time with your friends.


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