speaking part 2 – 艺术活动

艺术活动 Describe an art and craft activity you did at school

You should say:   I want to share with you the experience that I participated in a craft activity.

· what it was;   It was about in primary school, there was a race that several teams would use the materials of newspapers and sticky tape to support a ball.    which team could make the highest support that supported the ball which team would win. and also that was a time limit.

· what you did for this activity;     When the race started, all of us were nervous. at the first step, we decided to draw a draft about the structure of the support. then we used the newspaper and sticky tape to implement the draft; all of the team members worked together and done their parts of work perfectly.

· who you did it with;

and explain how you felt about this activity.          when the time ran out, There was the moment to check our work/ result. Finally, we won in this craft activity.and every one of our team cheered for the win. all of us had a sense of fulfilment. and we were really excited during the whole process of this craft activity.


  1. example-IELTS mentor


I remember when I was in secondary school, we had a sewing class. Our teacher asked us to make a pillowcase. Because I had never made any sewing things before, I thought it would be extremely tough to me. However, after asking for some advice from my grandmother, and with her help, of course, the task turned out to be not as hard as I expected. Actually, it was just a piece of cake to me.

As we had to make a small size, I decided to make a sofa pillowcase, which was square-shaped. Then I went out to buy materials like cloth, zipper, clew, needle, scissors and some decorative items. After that, I cut the cloth into three pieces as I had to put zipper on and began to sew under my grandmother’s instruction and finished it within 30 minutes. I made the case’s rim, and decorated the case by embroidering flowers and leaves on it. As it was the very first time I did such things, I drew flowers and leaves on the pillowcase first, then embroidered based on them with basic skills.

I managed to make a beautiful pillowcase after 3 hours, with the help from my grandma. Taking a look at my achievements, I was so happy and proud of myself. My teacher was extremely pleased with the thing I made, too.


  1. newspapers [C]

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