speaking part 2 examples

Describe an English class that you enjoyed。
You should say:
when and where you had the lesson;
who gave the lesson;
what the lesson was about;
and explain why you enjoyed it.
Ok right then, well the English lesson I‘m gonna talk about is the one I had during my primary school, which I guess must have been about ten or eleven years ago by now.
It was the first time that I was given a class by a foreign teacher. At that time,our English teacher introduced an American young guy to us. Out of curiosity, most of us swarmed around him. Then, he had a free talk with us in simple but humorous English. He spoke quite slowly and clearly so that we could follow him well. Meanwhile,he would repeat just in time what students did not understand. Greatly inspired, most of the students took an active part in asking him questions and interacting with him.So the atmosphere was quite alive during the whole class. And… I have to say that through this lesson, we all improve our oral English and the courage to speak another language other than our mother tongue.
When comparing this to most of the classes we had at that time, where we basically just went through the textbook and took notes, it was a thousand times more interesting, and of course, meaningful. Actually, from this lesson, I came to the conclusion that it is not so difficult to learn English if we talk more in it And L also learned that English can act as an interesting and useful tool in communications with foreigners if we’re good at it.
Describe a time you need to arrive early.
You should say:
When it was;
What time you arrived;
Why you need to arrive early;
And explain how you felt.
Last month I went to a concert in Beijing with my friends. It was the first show of the tour, performed by my favorite singer Eason Chen. We took the high-speed rail there and arrived at the stadium at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, four hours earlier than the show time.
The main reason we needed to set out very early is that we worried about being jammed on the way there. As we all know, our capital city is quite crowded. Besides, it was a great chance for us to visit the park nearby. It was said that it was one of the largest parks in Beijing, where there are a variety of rare plants.
It was a great experience to arrive early for several reasons. Firstly, we had adequate spare time to stroll around the area, where we met a few interesting people and watched some busking. Some of them were wearing outlandish dress or lovely make-up. The buskers were staging a show by singing or even dancing. What made me excited was that we were even invited to join in. Secondly, over the course of getting around, we bought many special souvenirs for our friends and also painted a unique design on our face to show our enthusiasm and ardor to the coming concert.
Describe something you’ve always wanted to do but have not done yet想做未做的事。
You should say:
What it is about
Why you plan to do it
What is the easy part and difficult part of it
Why you have not done yet
I have always wanted to buy a flat near a lake and open space. My father has his own home where I used to live until I had to move to a new city for my job. Currently. I am living in a rented house in the metropolitan city for my job and yet I have a great desire to own a house of my own that would be a large house with lots of rooms and which would be near a lake or river.
I have wanted to buy this house most probably after I moved to the new city where I am currently residing. I wanted a house of my own where I would have my family members and that would give me freedom of living. The house would be near open space and close to nature. It is almost impossible to have such a house in the metropolitan city I am currently living in. I have the plan to return to my hometown, buy this house and then start a business of my own.
I will have the house decorated and arranged in the way I have always wanted. I will have my family members to move to this house. I will keep an open space in front of this house and I will grow many plants and flowers in this open space.
Describe an activity you would like to do at or near the sea.
You should say:
what activity it is;
how easy or difficult it is to do this;
what you need to prepare for this activity;
and explain why you would like to do this activity at the seaside.
Actually, there are quite a lot of popular leisure activities people would like to do near the sea, such as strolling along the beach, writing characters or drawing pictures on the sand, or just playing beach volleyball with a bunch of playmates. There’s something I would like to do when I am at the beach in my hometown – is definitely digging into sand for shellfish such asclams.
Lucky for me I grew up near the sea. When I was little, I could go there everyday with my playmates, doing all kinds of fun things. It was more like a large playground for us.
Digging into sand is my favorite seaside activity,and it is a very relaxing activity andminimal thinking is required. All you need o do is keep digging slowly and gently. If you dig them with great strength, you would probably end up with lots of smashed shells. Each time I can bring home a little bucket of clams.
Digging into sand doesn’t necessarily mean that I am very patient. I just love to spend hours doing things I like. And I bet few people wouldn’t love digging clams as it is so easy and fulfilling. You can imagine how happy I am carrying so many clams home before sunset. Because of me, my family would have one more palatable dish on the table.
Describe an occasion that you have a cake that is special。
You should say:
What kind of cake it is
When you ate the cake
Who were with you
And explain why you think the cake is special
Speaking of an occasion that I had special cake, actually, I find it a bit hard to say as in my opinion most of the cake are just ordinary so maybe just the gesture is a bit different.
So it was on my house warming day in the beginning of last year. I rented a new apartment back then because I needed to live close to school as my old house was over an hour away. As a university student, most of us are young and broke, so I told my friend that I didn’t want any house warming present and I would cook for them on the day. So instead of bringing me gifts, they all pitched in a beautiful cheesecake.
The cake was round shaped, covered in cream with chocolate icing on the side. To be honest, it looked fantastic and I couldn’t help myself by cutting it the minute I saw it. As it turned out, the flavor was fabulous and we really did enjoy the night. Well, of course my cooking was pretty good as well.
As for why it is so special, as a matter of fact, this was the very first time I had a cake other than someone’s birthday. And my friends told me that the gesture of the cake was to ensure that I can have a sweet life in my new apartment everyday. I believe it was our friendship that made this cake so special.
Describe an interesting conversation you had with a stranger。
You should say
– who the person was
– where the conversation took place
– what you talked about
– and explain why you found the conversation interesting.
I am going to talk about conversation I had with someone I met on the flight to Paris.
Unfortunately, I did have the chance to ask his name, but thought our conversation on board, I knew that he is from the USA and graduated from Harvard University.
Well, he is a very sophisticated and experienced business who is running a IT business in China, However, all our topics are round education, which I found really stimulating.
We exchanged our opinions on what appropriate schooling should be . He said that there is no consensus on what constitutes a sound teaching methodology. However, as far as he was concerned, that fine schooling, from primary-level to tertiary-level, has some common characteristics. For example, he asserted that advantageous education should encourage student to think independently and critically, and empowers them to evaluate their teacher performance openly, as opposed to force-feeds students and render them only capable of spitting back predigested ideas.
The reason why i thought it is an interesting conversation is that I learnt a lot through talking with him. From another angle to analysis what education should afford to our offspring.
Describe a time you saw lots of people were smiling 很多人的微笑.
You should say:
When did you see them
Where did you see them
Who you were with
And explain why people were smiling
This topic reminds me of the time we took class pictures on graduation day.(毕业集体照)
Actually, we all had mixed feelings,(五味陈杂) on the one hand, we were pretty psyched about graduating from university and getting a diploma.on the other hand, we also felt a little bit sad ‘cause we had to say goodbye to all the classmates who have spent the last four years with each other.However, when we took the picture, we still didn’t forget to be funny. I mean, we made faces and posed hilariously to the camera despite the photographer’s objection. He was so pissed off(摄影师怒了).In the end, he couldn’t stand us anymore, and shouted, couldn’t you guys act like normal people and just smile to the camera?After we were done having fun, we thought, maybe we should listen to the photographer and take a decent picture together.So we stood still, and said cheese when he clicked the shutter(说茄子按快门).After we got the picture, we were surprised to see that everybody looked great in the picture, I mean, we all had a sweet smile on our face, looking energetic and hopeful.I framed the picture and put it on my bookshelf. It would bring back memories (回忆)from my college years.
Every time I saw those smiling faces I would recall all the precious moments we had together during those four years, and I just couldn’t help cracking a smile.
Describe a time when you receive something for free。
You should say:
What it was
When and where you got it
Why you got it
And explain how you felt about it.
It’s pretty common for us to receive something free when we go shopping or eating out, especially if there is a sales promotion.
Last month, I decided to have my hair cut since my hair was a little bit long for me. There was a newly opened barbershop across the campus according to my best friend. He had his haircut done there. In the afternoon on a weekend, I walked to the shop from my dormitory with him. However, since I hadn’t made a barbering appointment in advance, I had to wait for a while – there were a couple of customers before me. When it was my turn, the barber washed my hair with shampoo. I could feel the lather on my hair. Then the barber covered my head with a hot towel, and gave me a haircut, using the straight razor shave. He cut my hair to fit my head shape, and listened to my special request that I would like it to be shorter. After that, he also trimmed my beard.
It was a great service. When I was about to pay and leave the shop, I was told that the service was free! The reason was that it was my friend who had recommended the shop to me, and my friend held its membership. So I could get a free haircut at the first time. This was something really out of expectation. I decided to get a membership in the shop as well. It wasn’t too pricey, 500 yuan for a year and a half. When I got my membership card, the barber also handed me a box. It was a free gift for the new membership. The gift was a little lamp, which would be very useful to me when I did my homework in the evening.
Anyway, both the free service and the free gift made me really satisfied with the visit.
Describe a time you moved to a new home or school。
You should say:
When did you move
Where did you move to
Why did you move
And explain how did you feel about that
I transferred to another school for just once when I was a grade three student in primary school. Actually I was forced by my mom; according to her I could receive high-grade English education in the new school while I did not want to leave my friends and teachers in the first place.
Sadly, I wasn’t the one to make the final call. On the very scorching morning in September I remembered clearly, my parents helped me to get enrolled in a private school in the inner suburb of Nanjing. The distance was not the most stimulating part of the whole story, for a 10-years-old pupil, how to live well in a boarding school was the biggest challenge.
To tell you the truth I was extremely excited to hear that I needed to live in the school for five days a week. No doubt that meant I could be completely ‘free’ from my parents. In the first three days everything went well; I had to adjust myself to the new environment and hardly had time to think of my dad and mom temporarily. However on the fourth day of my ‘independent’ campus life, when I saw one of my roommates crying on her bed at night, the greatest sadness was approaching towards me and I could not help crying loudly as well. I thought I was being too childish at the time so I seldom allow myself to recall that evening. When I looked back on my days in the boarding school I still felt grateful cause I not only learnt knowledge there but also mastered lots of living skills and obtained lifelong friendship.
Describe a favorite sport which you watched观看的体育赛事。
You should say:
What it is
When you watch it
Who you watch it with
And explain why you like watching it
I’m really into watching figure skating, I find that sport entertaining and relaxing. The athletes, it’s like they are dancing to the music, I mean, they cut patterns in the ice and do jumps and spins, so watching the game is just like watching an artistic performance.
When the players complete a skillful maneuver on the ice, all the audience would stand up and cheer for them, it’s just so exciting and enjoyable to look at.
This sport is really popular in my hometown, ‘cause winter here is so long that basically every kid knows how to skate. It’s our favorite pastime during winter. I fancy myself as an excellent skater, but I could never do those awesome movements in figure skating, like landing on the ice after a series of actions in the air. So I could tell from experience, this sport requires years of hard work and practice.
I still remember the first figure skating match I watched when I was little. It was … like, 10 years ago, my dad took me to a newly built ice rink to watch a game between our team and a team from a neighboring city. I don’t remember many details from that game, but I do remember the atmosphere in the audience. They were not like those crazy football fans who would paint their face and body with logos of their teams. That day, everyone just sat there quietly before the match, and enjoyed the ‘performance’ when the music started. So I guess that’s the beauty of figure skating. From that day, I just became fascinated by this sport.
Describe a happy childhood memory。
You should say:
when and where the incident you remember happened
who you were with
what happened exactly
and explain why it is a happy memory.
I grew up very far from most of my family so I only saw them once a year. Every summer I would go to stay with them, while my parents continued working. Although I missed my parents, I used to really enjoy spending time with my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. I spent all summer there, nearly two whole months, so from time to time my cousins and I would get bored. We would ask my grandparents if they had any ideas for interesting things we could do. Sometimes they suggested going for a bike ride, sometimes into town to do some shopping. At other times, they showed us a new game to play. Then we were happy again.
One day – it must be about 12 years ago (doesn’t time fly!) – all of us got really, really bored and we kept complaining to my grandparents. They were tearing their hair out, trying to think up ideas of where we could go and what we could do. Suddenly, my granddad came up with the idea of going to a new water park that had opened that summer. I hadn’t heard about it but my cousins had, and they told me all about it. It was a park with vast numbers of different pools, some inside, some outside. There were water slides as well. And, on top of there was not one, but two playgrounds with swings, a merry-go-round, see-saws. We were so excited.
We set off and on the way we were all singing songs and laughing. We couldn’t wait to get there. When we arrived, my cousins and I ran into the park and changed into our swimming costumes. Then we went looking for the most exciting-looking pool, and we found it, one with brightly coloured tiles and slides, we jumped straight in. We played all day in the park and had a lovely lunch, sat on some benches in the sunshine.
My granddad loved a pool that was filled with spa water. It was dark brown and stank of rotten eggs. I didn’t want to go in but he eventually convinced me. I’m pleased he did because the water was really warm. I’d never swam in water that warm. I didn’t want to get out, despite the terrible smell.
I consider it such a happy memory because we enjoyed ourselves so much and I remember so vividly how I felt that day. But there’s more to it than just that. When I look back now, I understand how caring my grandparents were and how much they wanted us all to be happy. They would have done anything to help us have a good time. I appreciate that more now that I’m older and have children of my own. I hope we thanked them; I can’t remember. But, anyway, they were content, I’m sure, to just watch us have an amazing time, playing and laughing in the water. So, as you can see, it was a wonderful day and is one of my favourite childhood memories.
Describe a positive change that you have made to your life.积极人生改变。
You should say:
what the change was
when it happened
where it happened
and explain how you have benefited from this change
Describe a family member who has had important influence on you.
You should say:
     Who the person is;
     What kind of person he or she is;
     What this person has done to influence you;
     And explain why you think this person is important to you.
  1. my brother, five years older than me, now work in Beijing
  2. handsome, kind, good manner, polite, a wide range of knowledge;
  3. my research work, pressure; make me frustrated, a great power, motivate me/make me feel motivated; improve my mental status.
  4. go forward and focus on my studies.

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