IELTS8 – Listening vocabulary

test 1

  1. brochure.
  2. secretary.
  3. lobby; instruments; drums; flutes; guitars;
  4. 48 North Avenue 大街
  5. refreshment noun [ C or U ] UK /rɪˈfreʃ.mənt/ US /rɪˈfreʃ.mənt/ also refreshments .  B1 (small amounts of) food and drink茶点;点心和饮料
    He stopped at a bar for a little refreshment.他在一家小吃店前停下买些点心饮料。
    Light refreshments will be available at the back of the hall.会堂后面将会供应简单的茶点。
  6. drinks
  7. cheque支票;cash;
  8. pianist /ˈpiː.ən.ɪst/ —- piano;   conductor;
  9. carpark
  10. cloakroom衣帽间
  11. theatrette 小剧场
  12. draft noun UK   /drɑːft/ US   /dræft/ 草案;草稿;草图
  13. caves
  14. surface
  15. urban
  16. environment
  17. impact
  18. atlas地图集
  19. distortion扭曲,歪曲
  20. traffic
  21. monitor
  22. weather


  1. first class movers
  2. 11 October; 28 November; January; February; March; April; May; June; July; August; September; October; November; December;
  3. screen
  4. bathroom /ˈbɑːθ.ruːm/ /ˈbɑːθ.rʊm/
  5. door
  6. leg
  7. plates/ dishes
  8. reception block
  9. graze v. 放牧,吃草– grazing Un 牧场,草场  grazing area
  10. forest
  11. marsh [ C or U ] n. 沼泽;湿地
  12. out of bounds 禁止入内
  13. tram 电车
  14. orchard 果园.
  15. parasite; 寄生虫
  16. insects Cn昆虫— creature Cn生物— mites螨虫;
  17. feeding
  18. laboratory noun [ C ] UK /ləˈbɒr.ə.tər.i/ US /ˈlæb.rə.tɔːr.i/ 
  19. water
  20. wings
  21. moisten /ˈmɔɪ.sən/
  22. reliable


  1. 首先看题目no more than three words and/or a number. 那么说明一定有一个空是三个词的。
  2. no more than one word and/or a number. 意味着答案可以是一个单词,一个数字,或者一个单词+一个数字
  3. 听力技巧: if it was to do with people in the villages rather than those in the public sphere, I would.    if假设; 只要if里面是过去式,无论是一般时还是完成时,就是与现在事实相反。 === I won’t do this grammar if 3
  4. 另一个小技巧是,如果在 if 条件句里你没听清是过去式还是现在时,听结果句的时态,I would 还是 I will.
  5. I’ll put that down as a definite。这句话表示一定会做。=== I will do this 
  6. 小技巧,在第四个听力中,一般题型变换的地方会停顿一下。

test 3

  1. house: living room起居室,客厅; bathroom; cloakroom /ˈkləʊk.ruːm/ 衣帽间/公共厕所; dining room餐厅; kitchen; garden; garage; study书房;
  2. let noun (RENT) [ C ] uk the act of allowing someone to use your house, land, etc. in exchange for regular payments出租,租赁
    a five-year let on a flat为期5年的公寓租赁;  length of let required;
  3. centre — central;
  4. public facilities: concert hall; cinema; swimming pool; sports centre; film museum /mjuːˈziː.əm/;
  5. venue — venues
  6. under a single roof, it houses concert rooms, theatres, cinemas, art galleries, public library, restaurants and bookshop.  bookshop not book shop.
  7. City Council 城市委员会;
  8. performances; 表演,演出/ 工作情况;业绩;表现;工作性能
  9. combination noun UK   /ˌkɒm.bɪˈneɪ.ʃən/ US   /ˌkɑːm.bəˈneɪ.ʃən/
  10. safety
  11. attitude
  12. controls


  1. most research into the repetition of success in business has produced consistent findings   ====== a host of studies confirm this.


  1. perfect ~~ ideal; cautious;  duplicate ~~~ replicate; rigorous ~~ strict; features ~~ characteristic;
  2. compromise n. v.3[agreement/ lower standards/ harm]
  3. misguided adjective UK /ˌmɪsˈɡaɪ.dɪd/ US /ˌmɪsˈɡaɪ.dɪd/ unreasonable or unsuitable because of being based on bad judgment or on wrong information or beliefs被误导的;被引入歧途的;判断失误的
    He was shot as he made a misguided attempt to stop the robbers single-handed.
    The company blamed its disappointing performance on a misguided business plan.这家公司将其令人失望的表现归咎于错误的商业计划。
  4. ignore —- ignorance [U]无知,愚昧;
  5. cater verb [ I or T ] UK /ˈkeɪ.tər/ US /ˈkeɪ.t̬ɚ/C1 to provide, and sometimes serve, food提供饮食;承办(宴席)
    I’m catering for twelve on Sunday – the whole family is coming.星期天我要招待12个人,全家都要来。Which firm will be catering at the wedding reception?将由哪家公司承办婚宴?us Who catered your party?你们的聚会是谁承办的? cater for sb/sth; 
  6. house verb [ T ] UK /haʊz/ US /haʊz/ C2 to give a person or animal a place to live, or to provide space for something为…提供住处,收容;为…提供空间
    It will be difficult to house all the refugees.收容所有的难民将会很困难。
    The museum houses the biggest collection of antique toys in Europe.这家博物馆所收藏的古董玩具是全欧洲最多的。
  7. reduce —- reduction noun UK /rɪˈdʌk.ʃən/ US /rɪˈdʌk.ʃən/B2 [ C or U ] the act of making something, or of something becoming, smaller in size, amount, degree, importance, etc.减少;减小;降低;缩小
    a reduction in traffic交通量的减少. huge price reductions大减价
  8. proper structure ~~ well-organised
  9. volcano+es;  I get demotivated我失去了动力;
  10. reluctant, be reluctant to sth; remote village;  which struck me; suspicious;strick — struck verb UK /strʌk/ US /strʌk/ past simple and past participle of strike使遭受重创;击打
  11. guidance; noun [ U ]指导,引导
  12. acquire —– acquisition noun UK /ˌæk.wɪˈzɪʃ.ən/ US /ˌæk.wəˈzɪʃ.ən/
    [ U ] the process of getting something获得
    The acquisition of huge amounts of data has helped our research enormously.获得的大量数据对我们的研究有莫大的帮助。Language acquisition (= learning a language without being taught) starts at a very young age.语言习得始于幼年。
    [ C ] something that someone buys, often to add to a collection of things购置品(常用于收藏)
    The museum’s latest acquisition is a four-million-dollar sculpture.该博物馆最新购置的藏品为一尊价值400万美元的雕塑。I like your earrings – are they a recent acquisition? (= Did you get them recently?)我挺喜欢你的耳环——你刚买的吗?
    [ C or U ] something such as a building, another company, or a piece of land that is bought by a company, or the act of buying it收购物(房屋、公司、土地等);收购
  13. to name but a few 这仅仅是列举的一小部分
  14. a host of : C1 a large number of something许多,大量
    There’s a whole host of reasons why he didn’t get the job.有一大堆理由可以解释他为什么没有得到那份工作。
  15. interweave verb [ T ] UK /ˌɪn.təˈwiːv/ US /ˌɪn.t̬ɚˈwiːv/ interwove, interwoven
    to twist together or combine two or more things so that they cannot be separated easily使交织;使紧密结合
    She has created an intriguing story by skilfully interweaving fictional and historical events.她巧妙地将虚构的事件和历史事件交织在一起,创作了一个引人入胜的故事。
  16. overwhelming adjective UK /ˌəʊ.vəˈwel.mɪŋ/ US /ˌoʊ.vɚ-/C1 difficult to fight against难以抵挡的;无法抗拒的
    She felt an overwhelming urge/desire/need to tell someone about what had happened.她感到有一种抑制不住的冲动/欲望/需要想告诉别人所发生的事情。
    C1 very great or very large巨大的,极大的
    She said how much she appreciated the overwhelming generosity of the public in responding to the appeal.对公众为响应这个呼吁所表现出的极大慷慨,她发言表达了万分感激。An overwhelming majority has voted in favour of the proposal.绝大多数的人投票赞成该提议。

test 4

  1. waiters/ waitresses
  2. day off
  3. break
  4. meal
  5. dark
  6. jacket; shirt; trousers; waistcoat 西服背心;马甲;
  7. midday;  it’s unusual to use midday. although it’s still correct, ‘mid-day’ is used the most.
  8. reference推荐信;介绍信
  9. pavement — footpath — pedestrian. /pəˈdes.tri.ən/ ; intersection; supermarket; overhead power lines; traffic lights;
  10. priorities
  11. timetable
  12. small tasks
  13. simple paragraph
  14. animal
  15. see level
  16. hunting
  17. creation


  1. stretch sb v. [do more(工作或任务)使施展本领,对…具有挑战性]/ 拉长,伸长; conductor; rehearse —- rehearsal; frantically; interfere/ˌɪn.təˈfɪər/ vi. with her studies; inferior /ɪnˈfɪə.ri.ər/adj. —- superior. revision n.修正,修改/ 复习,温习
  2. eligible adjective UK ​ /ˈel.ɪ.dʒə.bəl/ US ​ /ˈel.ə.dʒə.bəl/​
    C1 having the necessary qualities or satisfying the necessary conditions具备条件的;有资格的;合格的
    Are you eligible for early retirement/maternity leave?你符合提前退休/休产假的条件吗?You might be eligible for a grant.你或许有资格得到奖学金。
    Only people over 18 are eligible to vote. 只有18岁以上的人才有资格投票。
    ​An eligible person is not married and is thought to be a suitable future marriage partner, especially because they are rich and attractive.(作为结婚对象)理想的,合适的
    I can think of several eligible bachelors of my acquaintance.在认识的人当中我能想到有几位条件不错的单身汉。
  3. take pity (on sb):  to feel sorry for someone, and to do something that shows this同情(某人)并因此作出表示
    We took pity on a couple of people waiting in the rain for a bus and gave them a lift.我们同情几个在雨中等公共汽车的人,就让他们搭了车。
    I struggled up the steps with my bags until eventually someone took pity and helped me.我费力地背着包裹上台阶,最后终于有人可怜我帮了我一把。
  4. turn sth/sb down— phrasal verb with turn UK ​ /tɜːn/ US ​ /tɝːn/ verb
    ​B2 to refuse an offer or request拒绝(提议或请求)
    He offered her a trip to Australia but she turned it/him down.他邀请她去澳大利亚旅游,但她拒绝了。He turned down the job because it involved too much travelling.他拒绝了这份工作,因为出差太频繁了。
  5. intersection noun UK ​ /ˌɪn.təˈsek.ʃən/ US ​ /ˌɪn.t̬ɚˈsek.ʃən/
    intersection noun (LINES)[ C or U ] an occasion when two lines cross, or the place where this happens(两条线的)相交;交点
    The intersection of the lines on the graph marks the point where we start to make a profit.图上几条线的交点就是我们的开始盈利点。
    intersection noun (ROADS)[ C ] mainly us the place where two or more roads join or cross each other交叉路口;十字路口
    a busy intersection繁忙的十字路口.Turn right at the next intersection. 在下个十字路口向右拐。
  6. shift noun UK /ʃɪft/ US /ʃɪft/   a day shift and a late shift; 白班和晚班
    shift noun (GROUP)B2 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] a group of workers who do a job for a period of time during the day or night, or the period of time itself轮班职工;班;轮班
    As the night shift leave/leaves, the day shift arrives.夜班工人下班时,白班工人来上班。Are you on the night shift or the day shift? (= Do you work during the night period or the day period?)你上夜班还是白班?
  7. waist 腰。waistcoat UK /ˈweɪs.kəʊt/ /ˈwes.kət/ US /ˈwes.kət/ /ˈweɪs.koʊt/ uk us vest
  8. reference ~~ vouch verb [ + that ] UK /vaʊtʃ/ US /vaʊtʃ/to be able from your knowledge or experience to say that something is true担保;证明;作证
    As a medical examiner, I can vouch that his death was accidental.作为法医,我可以据我的经验断定他是意外死亡。
    动词短语 vouch for sth/sb

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